• I was thinking these would be awesome especially if you could do an external mount mod that doesn't void the warranty. these type of binding are easy to bail out of and would give you a sturdier connection to your board and allow for bunny hops and such.. thoughts/Ideas?


  • I thought the exact same thing the last time I was on the Freebord website. There are only two downsides that I can think of: (1) it will be EVEN harder to dismount (I've had my Onewheel for less than a week so I'm still getting the hang of seamlessly getting off of it); (2) will be harder to bail and land on your feet when you're headed for a wipeout. But it would be worth it for the extra feeling of connection and the ability to hop onto curbs that can't be ridden over.

  • Considering grabbing a pair of these and a new set of footpads and giving it a whirl.

    I have a Leif Tech board on order that will have these. Anxious to try them out.

  • Please share how it works!

  • @lynnpreston HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!! I was going to say these remind me of the Leif Tech board bindings. I have always watched that board but I never thought I'd have the real place to use it like I wanted. How is it? Is it really as cool as it looks? I watched Sam from the Verge try it and he seemed to get it okay after an hour. Nothing like the people who post the videos of it. I've still never seen another video up except from the company.

    Disclaimer: I chose getting a onewheel over the leaf board for several reasons, but doesn't mean I wouldn't love to try one. =) No one flame me.

  • I was looking at a leif tech board when I got my one-wheel but once I realized how much the onewheel can feel like snowboarding I forgot about leif tech very quickly. I'd still love to try one though!

  • @veryous I also ended up choosing between a Onewheel and the Lief board. Since the Onewheel was already out and getting great reviews and Leif was still unproved, I opted for the Onewheel, but would LOVE to try the Leif.

  • I've had a ZBoard, 2 Metroboards, and an Evolve Carbon. They were each good in their own way. I actually still have one of the Metroboards, which is rock solid and well made. I enjoy riding it.

    The Onewheel is a completely different sport. I have no real hope or expectation that the Leif or any other board will rival the convenience, riding dynamics, feel, etc of the OW. BUT, that still leaves a lot of room for enjoyment.

    I guess I'm saying if you have only one board, make it a OW (no brainer). But, if you can have a few . . .

  • @lynnpreston You might have become my new hero with all those boards. =) Have you seen the Inboard on kickstarter? That's the only true electric skateboard that I ever considered.

    Someday you should post a video of the leif board. I'm curious what a real world video looks like of it.

    I agree, if you made me choose again, I'd go onewheel plus it's a lot easier knowing what I know now.

  • I was looking at zboard and but am glad I went with ow since I wasn't going to be getting one of each.

    Number one, control with a handheld remote was out of the question which is why zboard was the most appealing of the electric skateboards.

    Speaking of control though, I just can't believe it can get better than ow.
    Because you are leaning forward to go forward and leaning back to break, the board itself acts as a force to either propel your body forward or as resistance to slow your body down. I cannot imagine a flat electric skateboard can so intuitively move in sync with you.

    Then there are those small wheels that make me cringe at the thought of a stick or a rock in the way. With ow tire you can easily ride over most things that would throw you on any skateboard.

    Don't get me wrong, skateboarding is an awesome sport and activity. If I could have one of every electric board I would, but onewheel at this point is by far the best mode of fun riding and transportation available.

  • I should get my Leif in the next couple of months, and I will report back with a video.

    I have seen the Inboard, and it looks interesting. However, I don't expect the riding dynamics to be any different than other powered boards. The drive system just really isn't that interesting to me. The specs and riding experience are.

    I'm in line for a Marbel since they are so close to me (gotta support the East Coast!). I like that it's so fast, light, and waterproof.

    The one thing I will grant a board like the Marbel, Evolve, or Metroboard - you can cover ground fast. On my Evolve, I could sometimes make it places faster on it than in the car. But traveling at 25 mph sustained on 85mm polyurethane wheels over sidewalks and public roads is flirting with trouble. I slid mine one morning at 23mph during a carving session (hit damp pavement hiding in the shadows). Cracked a rib (I think), road rash, scuffed helmet, etc. Not fun. User error to be sure, but it taught me that more speed is not always a good thing.

    The Evolve, while relatively light, was a bit cumbersome given it's size. It sat literally for 6 months after I got my OW, so I sold it. It was too expensive to just sit around collecting dust.

    As other's have mentioned, when I go back to a "traditional" skateboard (powered or no), I feel constricted. They just simply aren't as nimble as the OW. Rocks, stick, and especially washes of sand across the road or sidewalk scare me since I'm so accustomed to just cruising over them on the OW.

    Having a hand remote also really detracts from the experience. It's one more thing to carry, is fragile, can't get wet or sandy, etc. ZBoard solved this problem, but that brake foot pad was always a little tough to find in a hurry. You don't want to be hunting around with your back foot during an emergency braking situation. After my 4th speed controller went out on my ZBoard (stranding me miles from home), I gave up.

    My Metroboards have been rock solid. They have excellent customer service and use quality components. They don't have the sexy looks of a Boosted or Evolve, but they do have a long history of delivering quality boards. I have nothing but positive things to say about them. If you want a powered traditional board as a backup to your OW, I recommend them. I have a small 29" Metroboard (10 mile, 20 mph, 15 lbs) that I ride a couple times a week (compared to a couple of times a day for my OW).

    Final thought, for the powered boards, they just don't feel as safe. When I hope back on one, I nearly fall off when I start moving and when I stop. There isn't the lean required by the OW (simply a button press), and that throws off my balance.

    Sorry for the long post. I clearly am very interested in powered boards. I joke that they are my daily drivers and my car is for joyriding.

  • @lynnpreston If you tell me your car is something awesome like an M5 is the only way I'll get upset at that. haha Great breakdown though, I appreciate it.

  • B-) I appreciate fun and different vehicles of all sorts.

  • Anyone actually get binding yet?

  • @veryous said:

    Inboard on kickstarter

    Well said.

  • On thing I'll add to this... I tried the Boosted Board... loads of fun, and super fast, but I agree with all the downsides mentioned (hand controller, get thrown if you hit obstacles, etc.).
    But probably the second biggest thing for me (after the obstacles (trolly tracks in SF) is that the OW can turn way sharper than a long board, as well as going onto and off of sidewalks. Riding here in The City, that is huge... I can maneuver it almost as if I was just walking. With a long board I would have to get off to do that in lots of circumstances (and do have to do that with my traditional longboard)

  • Im planning to pick up a pair of flow bindings, custom build a baseplate that I can tension in place over my Onewheel, take the topcap of the Flowbindings and install them. So during the Summer I just use the topcap, and during the winder I transfeer them to my snowboard. =)


  • @BadWolf what about a pair of burton est bindings - I was thinking of in the off season mounting my cartels to my onewheel for some extra cornering power and jumping skillage burton-cartel-est-snowboard-bindings-2016-black.jpg

    est bindings would be perfect as no screws in the middle, just two on the edges - and you could remove the foam if the sensors don't sense through the foam

    Have you tried the one wheel with snowboarding boots on? I have only seen people wear canvas soled shoes or similar with the onewheel!

  • @BadWolf also from user name, doctor who fan? the only thing with snow bindings is if you use 1/2 bindings like the top or no bindings you can bail - if you use snow bindings you wipe out! but then there are down sides to anything fun!

  • Yeah.. Dr Who fan.. and I feelt that my old nick I took from an old PC game wasnt kinda up to date.. I used to use "Proboarder" after the game, not being some kind OF Proboarder. =)

    Yeah.. problem I see with the EST, even if they would do great, is that you have the thing at the back, that would stop you from sliding out of the binding. So if you were about to crash/bail, and on top of that, you get stuck.. ouch.. I havent even gotten my Onewheel yet.. so I got probably 6-8 weeks of planning, and maybe even build the custom baseplate before arrival. And no testing with snowboardboots, my plan is to use normal sized skateshoes, but just strap the flow cap almost all the way down.

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