One Wheel App Videos?

  • Hi OW community! We have all seen videos of people riding and talking about One Wheels, but we have yet to see a video about the iPhone app in depth. I'm interested in seeing the pairing process and the different modes/customization options. I'd love to hear your thoughts! -PP

  • I'm not one for making videos but the app it is very simple and effective.

    After you connect you have your home screen which shows you battery almost full screen except for showing you the mode you are in at the bottom. Tap on the mode and it goes full screen allowing you to swipe left or right to see other modes and to activate if desired. The only other screen is settings which has a variety of things listed on it including exact battery percentage and miles traveled since turned on. When there is a firmware update the button to update is displayed on certain screens.

  • Very simple app...a 10 second video could cover it.