Will the two-wheel self balancing scooters take over the world?

  • More and more two-wheel self balancing scooters start to appear on Beverly Blvd and various shopping malls. With limited Onewheels out there, how can FM fend off its competition?

  • @JPLab IMO, Onewheel is in a completely separate category, on a whole other level than those scooters, and even other e-boards. When is the last time you saw any of those other things transition from pavement to grass to sand? I don't know if you can really call them competition for the Onewheel because they simply can't come close to duplicating the unique riding experience that the Onewheel offers.

  • I have a "two-weel self balancing board" and it was cool for the first week. I soon realized it was a piece of crap because it was made I'm china. One Wheel is for commuting and adventure while having the most possible fun at both. The segway thing is only a "toy" in my opinion.

  • I could see using those two wheel devices for very specialized circumstances that involved nice flat pavement and long distances such as conventions and trade shows. Other than that it looks like a fun toy to fool around with. My guess is that it will hit mass awareness and fizzle out once the fun factor quickly wears out.

    I agree that onewheel is way more versatile than all other rideables in a smaller form factor ....though obviously it is the biggest of the smaller rideables.

  • Found this review by Casey Neistat in which he reviews several of his "motorized scooter devices", including the Onewheel. Just one guy's opinion but it pertains pretty well to this thread. The actual review part starts around 2 min 30 secs in.

    "Custom LightUp Motorized SkateBoard"

  • @janet A lot easier. It also becomes boring a lot faster too. I'm standing on one as I write this and still can't think of anything but the Onewheel.

  • @janet I strongly disagree. I tried this two wheeled hoverboard, and went straight on my back. I just about died! I haven't had any wrecks where I've gone down that hard on the OneWheel yet.

  • @janet I see

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