can you re-grip?

  • Thanks, that looks like the normal/coarse one. I think I'll do this mod right off as I'm used to the tackier/stickier grip of Jessup, Madrid Flypaper and Vicious and the 1W stock grip looks pretty low/small-grain. I think i'll use 2 colors to differential the sensor side from the non.

  • I know this is a really old topic, but I wanted to bring attention to this once more and thank @J-Glide and @lynnpreston for the tutorial pics above. I just recently put the Vicious grip on my board and it is the best thing ever! My feet stay on at the beach and I have a lot more control over the board in general.

    If you are thinking about putting Vicious on your board, 0_1476143445631_maxresdefault.jpg

  • Plus, these cool stickers came with the griptape :D

  • @slydogstroh Did anyone put this griptape on top of the old. I have no sensor problems, just the grip tape is worn. So I thought maybe it is possible to leave the old griptape in place and put the new one on top of that?

  • @ltl I removed the old grip tape and I will never go back to using the stock grip on the V1. The original tape is actually very stiff whereas with the Vicious you can almost feel the sensor (or I guess the paper covering the sensor) under your feet. It's a win win really. Your feet stay planted and you can feel where the sensor is. Plus the vicious covers most of the wood so the board feels more waterproof. No ragrets here.

  • Look up "My sensor mod". I regripped and the sensor responds better

  • The original grip tape comes off easily. Just be careful when pulling it off to not damage the sensor while you're at it.
    Adding new grip tape to the back footpad is simple.

    Adding to the front pad took a little more creativity.
    I used a rubber based spray water sealant to waterproof the sensor.
    I then used a silicone fill to bring up the front and taper the sides so that the grip tape could be applied without deforming.
    I used a large hole punch to open up the screw holes.

    It's really solid: I doesn't feel like it would ever come off the foot pad and there's no movement anywhere. Solid footing.

  • @Zluz The waterproof spray sealant is an excellent idea! Do you have a link where I could buy?

  • Got my wheel for Black Friday, and just put on vicious. The sensor is now sealed under a plastic piece, which extends to the edge of the grip so you can't feel the sensor (maybe not preferable to some). The grip is fully applied now thanks to the plastic, no strip required for the sensor

    Edit - grippy ride feels so much better, thanks all

  • @slydogstroh

    I used Rule-OLeum LeakSeal. I did also mention it in this post.

    Rule-OLeum LeakSeal

    For my project I applied a generous layer of this stuff around the seams, then the silicone to fill in gap between the top of the sensor and the foot pad base. Then another layer of LeakSeal all over. I also sprayed it on the bottom, where the wire goes into the base.
    None of this seemed to affect the sensitivity of the sensor. I have never experienced a sensor problem.

    I am happy with the results; it adheres very well and is fairly flexible. It also fills in space which I would not expect from a spray (it can foam up a little). Once dried it feels like a permanently attached thick rubber skin.

    This worked great, but I am not saying there isn't still a better product out there. Forming a thick skin is good in general but I would be ok with something thinner. Being even more flexible would be good too.

  • How hard is it to remove the old grip tape? I dont want to use a heat gun that may ruin the sensor. How much of a improvement is it? Do you feel locked in? Course or Extra-course? Is it good for off road?

  • @tony420121 It's easy! I don't even use any heat, I just got a knife and peeled the OG grip off. It's a good idea to be wary of the sensor when you do this.
    It's really a day and night improvement, super locked in feeling with the Vicious. Great for offroad, but does get really dirty (super grippy) so I find myself cleaning the grip more than before. Totally worth it!

  • @slydogstroh WHen you were peeling it back did you have to take precautions around the sensor? Also on a different topic did you change your tire yet? Also did you ride today as well, lol?

  • @tony420121 Kinda. I was just wary of the sensor and was careful with the peeling off. I've done it like 3 times now with no issue.
    // TIRE- yea, I sent it in when it got really cold last November and had FM do the tire swap for me. Some people say they have had success ordering their own tire and having a bike shop put it on for them...
    // RIDE TODAY - hell yea I did! Got some sweet shots with snow in the background. :D I post on my Instagram story every day pretty much. You should hop on insta!

  • Is the OW grip tape attached to the "clear plastic" or is the clear plastic part of the tape, I pried up like 1/4 of a inch and notice that the tape appears to be attached directly to a clear piece of plastic do I need to remove that as well? Does anyone have any pictures on what I should see after the tape is removed. Just dont want to damage the foot pad. It looks like the grip tape is attached to the plastic and the plastic is attached to the wood is that the correct order. photos would be very helpful.

  • @tony420121 Yea! In this sub. See above.

  • @slydogstroh Did you apply the tape directly or did you add a piece of paper/cardboard between the sensor and the grip tape? (like in the photo with the green onwheel)

  • I was reluctant to remove the grip tape, since the sensor is working perfect. I just cut to strips of vicious grip tape and taped them beside the old tape so under my heel and toe. That is also an improvement for the grip.

  • @tony420121 definitely cut out the paper the grip comes attached to and place it between the sensor and vicious. That protects the sensor from the stick material.

  • @slydogstroh Thanks I am ordering this week feel confident to move forward now.

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