Fender reviews?

  • Could someone please take a photo of the fm fender I want to see what it looks like where it meets the footplates from the wheel side - looking under neath it and then just a side photo of the bottom of the fender
    I made my own - rolled a sheet of aluminium and bent it out for feet - but I'm worried about water maybe going under the footplate and want to see if the fm fender extends down past the wood so to speak

    Thanks in advance :)

  • @eish I tried a couple of different things, and yes you can reduce the amount of water that splashes up on you by adding sponge, and/or a lower exterior door seal to rub on the tire. It doesn't look very good, and everything I tried made a rubbing noise while riding. My new fender from OW came in, and I have to say that I didn't think I would be as impressed as I am by the design. It makes the board seam complete, and provides complete protection. I didn't think I would have ever said it's worth the $100 after shipping, but I have changed my mind. I actually ended up ordering another for my other board. I apologize for not being able to come up with a lesser expensive alternative.

  • @J-Glide i was thinking of trying your rubber idea on the back side the wheel but under the wheel - I made a metal one 0_1446668817971_1444257259560-img_6538.jpg but am struggling to attach it to the board - planned to use the screws though the foot plate - but they aint long enough and their thread is really weird non of the ones I have in the garage fit the cappers say they are 5mm but 5mm bolts don't fit - the thread is funky :( I currently duct tape it on with a loop around the feet and the board
    so I am tempted to buy the us one but its $135 to the uk and then theres import duties, vat and the ups handling fee - it will end up at over £120 for a pice of plastic which seems a tad steep

  • @eish The stupid duties and taxes make it a lot more expensive. It looks like you're making a valiant effort though. I think maybe you should just bite the bullet since its only a one time deal. I know you won't be disappointed.

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  • @J-Glide thanks for trying ..I'll still give it a try once (if) I get my board just for kicks. I don't expect a solution to remove 100% of the water... just enough. I'll give an update when I've given it a try.

  • @Nat

    How long from order to receive the fender/ I ordered from onewheel on 12/02, 10days later no tracking notice yet. Sent email and they replied as if it were an order for onewheel itself that it'll be 8 weeks. I replied, this order is for a fender, i already have my board, please check again. No response yet. I thought the fender would just ship right out.

  • @J-Glide

    How long did it take from order date to arrive? I ordered one from FM on 12/02 and inquired on status yesterday after no ship notice in 10 days. They replied as if it was an order for board. I replied I already have board, this in for a fender. No response yet. I thought it would just ship right out.

  • My magnetic fender works great


  • Can't wait to get it!

  • @Tymeout I ordered quite earlier on so did't take long at all, I've heard that after the first batch ran out it'll take some time for FM to produce the next batch and catch up with all the orders (which exceeded their expectation from what I gathered). Not sure about the situation now though, but hope your arrives soon!

  • There's no need to wait for an OEM fender. I have a brand new OneWheel fender still in the original box with all the hardware available to ship right now. My cost was $106 and I'll sell mine for $95 with free shipping included. Thanks!

  • @Tymeout They are about three weeks out. You will get a tracking number email just before it arrives.

  • I love the fender for the practicality of less water & debris on my leg, plus it's easier to carry and lean the fender against my leg.

    But, I definitely prefer the no fender look. I miss seeing the tire. A clear fender would be cool.

    Also, it seems to scratch very easily. I wouldn't let a newbie ride it with the fender on.

    An easily detachable fender would be great. See other thread..

    My ideal fender would be retractable instead of detachable. :)

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