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  • @trancelikestate said in Stolen Onewheel Database:

    Yeah. It really sucks. My gf was really getting good on it. I was letting a few different people try it and this guy just got on it and took off. My + was dead so I couldn't chase him. It's pretty banged up and needs a tune up.

    balls of steel....
    what a piece of garbage
    hope he rode off into the woods.... and was eaten by some squirrels

  • My V1 was stolen out of my car on 5/15/2017 S/N 1605005295 Oakland Park FL, ( Fort Lauderdale)

  • My Onewheel Plus was just stolen out of my friends trunk in the Lake Merritt area. Filed police report with discription of unique attributes of my OW. Serial number OW015617. Not much I can do to recover it. FM has not really thought of a good way to track or help prevent this from happening. I think a system similar to Tile, community tracking to find my OW if its lost could work. Or require registering to buy a new charger.

    Mine can be identified by the front right bolt holding the fender on is chrome instead of black like the others. Also the fender has been sprayed with rubberized undercoating underneath. Otherwise its a stock OW+ if anyone sees something in the Oakland area, let me know. They will have to buy another charger and does not have the original box.

  • @sabernat Sorry to hear about that. I have forwarded your post to our bay area local onewheel riders group chat.

  • Onewheel+
    S/N: 1731020868
    AKA: OW020868
    Stolen from inside overturned vehicle on I678 Queens NY
    Between 11:30pm 8/25/17 and 4:30pm 8/26/17 during that time the vehicle was towed to Mike's Heavy Duty Towing.
    "Mike's" drivers claim they did not see it.
    (It was visible at the broken back window on the accident scene with a suitcase.. the suitcase made it to "Mike's")

  • OneWheel+
    Location: Bayswind Park, Foster City, CA
    Date: taken sometime between Sun, Nov. 12 @ 8pm and Monday, 11am
    Contact: onewheel [at] davidnelson [dot] info

  • I am posting this for my friend Josh, who I sold my V1 board to last year after purchasing the V2. Josh had his board stolen in Berkeley, California at the corner of Chabot Rd and College Ave a few weeks ago.
    The serial# is 1552004895.
    Thank you so much for creating this database!

  • Hello, I'm Form Austria and my ow+ is not really be stolen. So the story: I have to send my ow+ in for repairs. No great thing, but after paying and have it repaired they send it back. After 3 weeks of the "picked up"at FedEx tracking my board haven't arrived yet.
    FedEx said they can't locate the package once it is picked up. So I don't really know why because the truck must have an accident or it hopped off the loading space or I don't know how it is working that a package is going to be lost

    So my serial number is 1731020569

    And if anybody have some news for me. Please write me at the forum or at

    Thanks a lot

  • Saw a one wheel without a charger on Craigslist in Sunnyvale, CA. Suspicious.

  • @rubbernecker thanks a lot. Do you have a link, can't find the right website

  • @trancelikestate
    Terrifying story, i've probably taught 20 people to ride it so far! I was teaching some stranger on the beach to ride it when it occurred to me that they could just ride off... I suppose I imagined/hoped that if chased they would probably crash, but I wanted a little extra security.

    So i added a Tile. Not as good as a true cellular gps tracker, but it's something i guess. 0_1513786027962_20171213_141619_1.jpg

  • I've done the same with both my OW's. Pictured above is a Tile-Sport. I just used a regular Tile Mate.

    As much as I like the Tile concept however, I have experienced premature failures on both models. I bought 6 (4 mates and 2 sport) and 3 mates and 1 sport have died in less than 3 month. They are supposed to last a year.

  • @gadgetrider That's pretty lame, no warranty or anything?

  • If I was to teach one to use my board I would put it in classic mode so that they cant take off.

  • @makermarc Actually, they claim to have a 1 year warranty and I have called them on it twice but they don't make it easy - constant emailing and following up.

  • my Onewheel plus was just stolen from Georgetown DC serial number OW021677. mine can be idendified aftermarket treadless tire and I took fender , so there should be no fender and also supreme sticker on the side

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