Stolen Onewheel Database

  • I am posting this for my friend Josh, who I sold my V1 board to last year after purchasing the V2. Josh had his board stolen in Berkeley, California at the corner of Chabot Rd and College Ave a few weeks ago.
    The serial# is 1552004895.
    Thank you so much for creating this database!

  • Hello, I'm Form Austria and my ow+ is not really be stolen. So the story: I have to send my ow+ in for repairs. No great thing, but after paying and have it repaired they send it back. After 3 weeks of the "picked up"at FedEx tracking my board haven't arrived yet.
    FedEx said they can't locate the package once it is picked up. So I don't really know why because the truck must have an accident or it hopped off the loading space or I don't know how it is working that a package is going to be lost

    So my serial number is 1731020569

    And if anybody have some news for me. Please write me at the forum or at

    Thanks a lot

  • Saw a one wheel without a charger on Craigslist in Sunnyvale, CA. Suspicious.

  • @rubbernecker thanks a lot. Do you have a link, can't find the right website

  • @trancelikestate
    Terrifying story, i've probably taught 20 people to ride it so far! I was teaching some stranger on the beach to ride it when it occurred to me that they could just ride off... I suppose I imagined/hoped that if chased they would probably crash, but I wanted a little extra security.

    So i added a Tile. Not as good as a true cellular gps tracker, but it's something i guess. 0_1513786027962_20171213_141619_1.jpg

  • I've done the same with both my OW's. Pictured above is a Tile-Sport. I just used a regular Tile Mate.

    As much as I like the Tile concept however, I have experienced premature failures on both models. I bought 6 (4 mates and 2 sport) and 3 mates and 1 sport have died in less than 3 month. They are supposed to last a year.

  • @gadgetrider That's pretty lame, no warranty or anything?

  • If I was to teach one to use my board I would put it in classic mode so that they cant take off.

  • @makermarc Actually, they claim to have a 1 year warranty and I have called them on it twice but they don't make it easy - constant emailing and following up.

  • my Onewheel plus was just stolen from Georgetown DC serial number OW021677. mine can be idendified aftermarket treadless tire and I took fender , so there should be no fender and also supreme sticker on the side

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