Apple Watch App.

  • I would like to see an Apple watch app that does 3 things.

    1. Alerts you when charging is done.
    2. Displays battery level.
    3. Accepts "Hey Siri, Disengage" to simulate foot off of sensor pad and have the motor disengage for safe dismounts.

  • Current Apple watch app apparently already displays battery level.

    While it's not an alert, I often leave my app open displaying battery so I can charge to 90% (I live on top of a hill, so to take a certain route down I need to leave the house with 90% to avoid overcharge on descent). Only takes 20 mins to charge, no alert needed, you can literally watch it filling up.

    Siri control would be interesting, but also dangerous at speed! To be honest, I think a battery operated dead man trigger might be a good addition (not replacement) to the sensor. If you switched to manual control with the trigger, it would enable all sorts of new tricks and possibilities not possible with the sensor...

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