Faster Production and Shipping Dates, Emails Signed with People's Names

  • Very pleased with Future Motion today. It seems they have mostly remedied the OneWheel situation. Before they told me early December, and in a recent email they said I should have it by the second week of November. Also, somewhere on the forums I saw people complaining about the emails and how the staff doesn't leave a human name, just a robot signature "OneWheel Team." I am pleased to say at the end of a very nice, polite email it was signed "Carly." It is so awesome that they are hearing our voices instead of ignoring us like most companies do.

  • @PhobicTribe I received a message from a "Carly" as well.

  • Same here

  • Carly is probably a dude :joy:

  • Not a dude, Carly is future motions version of Siri.

    She's featured in the forthcoming "onewheel S" (and onewheel S plus) with the idea being you can simply talk directly to the board and ask Carly to let you know about battery status etc...

  • @lardnicus What are the OneWheel S and S plus?

  • @huber_760

    I believe it was humor

  • I went clubbing with Carly last night. She danced like crazy for half an hour before going to the rest room for 20 minutes.........

  • If someone is complaining about not getting a human name from their have some entitlement problems. Some of you complain about every little thing. smh

  • When a company is having issues with customer service every little bit matters. Its not so much getting someones name but knowing you are really getting through to someone and that they give a shit. So I am going to have to disagree on this one. When you are missing deadlines and broken boards are mailed off and you are getting vague or unclear messages back there is nothing more annoying... Beyond that, I'm aware that just to be able to own a OneWheel at all is a very cool thing! Very cool indeed!! Just thought I'd say that. @DVO

  • Onewheel is one of the few Kickstarter companies that turns into a flying success. You are buying a product from a brand new company that overcame one in a million odds to be where its at today.

    Right now, you are still an early adopter, but not the earliest, and Onewheel is doing their best to ramp up the entire company to meet the demands (service, sales, distribution, production, etc) that grow exponentially when a product goes from great idea to great product, to mass-reviewed and well-received phenomenon.

    Patience is key, but as you can surely assess from this community (and it is quickly becoming a great and expansive community) the wait is well worth it.

    To all those who have ordered but not yet received, it's almost time to ride and welcome to the family!

  • @forzabucks

    Pretty lame excuse, how hard is it to be honest and realistic via email/twitter for shipping dates? You're telling us that FM doesn't know how many customers they have and how many board they can ship in x weeks? They won't be around long...

    i hope you don't have to send you board back for service, you'll probably change your mind... lol...

  • I'm a bit worried that it seems they've stopped doing any sort of app development.

    if they ever end up going out of business, we would be shit out of luck as all the components are non-user serviceable (unlike a typical electric skateboard where you could replace the motor, battery, and controller).

  • @MichaelW ehh, still is a bit whiny. I mean if all that stuff is really have to add on.."I'm upset that i DIDN'T GET A HUMAN NAME" whether or not you get a "name" or "team onewheel" your situation doesn't change. The shit they give is no more or less. Just seems like whoever complains about this type of crap is just looking to complain. It's just funny to me

  • I had to ship my board back on the first / second day I got it (shit happens) but I am very happy with FM's Customer Service. They do their best to sort things out and always reply in the best way to my emails... Keep up the Great Work FM !!!

  • It seems we may have a few first-time early adopters who are not be used to the drama that is the bleeding edge of tech. It is frustrating to say the last as I love instant gratification as much as anyone. However, as I've mentioned in another thread, graded against the other kickstarters and startups from which I have received products, FM is far and away the best. There are lots of areas in which they can improve, but IMHO many of you are starting with unrealistic expectations. A small 12-person company using many bespoke components from various suppliers is going to have supply chain issues. Anyone buying into the OW family and expecting Amazon-like turnaround times and pinpoint shipment estimates (which I do LOVE) is either uninformed or naive IMHO. It is your prerogative to complain and predict their imminent downfall. I just disagree with your premise and your predictions.

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