Sounds and vibration

  • Happens from time to time. Usually something gets trapped in the space between the tire surface (not sidewall) and the board. I just stop and change direction and always seems to dislodge whatever debris were involved.

  • If you do, just be careful with the foot sensor wiring. The top four screws are easy enough to remove. You should also periodically check those screws. I've lost a screw and the feel and rattle of a loose foot pad sucks.

  • It is not anything between the wheel and the board. It is not in the sealed assembly. It is something rattling around in the assembly on the charging port side. I believe it is a small stone but I am concerned about riding with it inside my board. However I don't want to send it in and wait on it. I just got it a few weeks ago and just got comfortable riding it. I don't think it is broken but i think if i ride it with this rattling something may break. FM please respond

  • I have had the same problem you need to call Future Motion and ship it back for repair. The noise you hear is a capacitor that has fallen off of the system board. The rubbing sound is actually and electrical sound

  • Thanks all, will send in. how long did it take to repair? I just got really comfortable on mine :/ I recorded video and audio of the sound to post but it sounds like I'm just going to have to send it in anyway. Ill post the footage for future reference though. In case anyone has the same issue.

  • I have noticed a grumbling noise at times coming from the motor, or gears. It started doing this almost 3 days after I started riding it. I've noticed it does it more when I'm riding at slower speeds, and it's hot outside. It usually goes away if I start riding faster again. I also have the same rattle. If it was a capacitor that has fallen off the board, wouldn't I have some kind of issue with the board?

  • that sounds exactly like what I had, I'm not sure what the actual issue was but FM had me send it it, I should be getting it back next week.

  • @SkateFirst.SamT
    I'd like to know what they find

  • Don't worry, I am planning on posting as soon as they let me know and send my board back.

  • Any follow up or resolution to this? Mine has begun making the same rattling sound coming from the front (controller/charger) end and rumbling at low speeds.......

  • @rev-cresci that's exactly the same as mine. But it has not made any difference in the way that it rides or performs

  • they sent my board back, took three weeks from drop off to pick up and the board runs smoother and soundlessly now!

  • @SkateFirst.SamT I will be sending mine back in the next two weeks. I hope to have the same results.

  • @SkateFirst-SamT did they ever confirm if it was the capacitor or what it was?

  • Not exactly no. I told them I heard about someone else having similar issues and that I believed it was my capacitor, they had me send in pictures and video and confirmed my board needed repair but did not specify what for. I sent it in. They fixed it. They emailed me letting me know my board was on its way back to me in "cherry shape" and I received it a few days later running like new.

    so they never confirmed what the issue was but they did confirm it needed repair and it was overall a good experience. Quick turnaround time and at no cost to the customer (me)

  • Be careful continuing to ride if it is making a rattle in the controller end, mine just locked the wheel and threw me off the front before sliding on its side scratching itself all to hell. I can now hear something rolling around inside the case instead of a rattle. My onewheel is now flashing a code 3 overcharged error for the past 14 hours with a 80% charged battery and no way to turn it off. Battery is slowly draining away in the app as I am writing this and waiting for someone at onewheel to call me back....

  • @rev.cresci Worst news I've ever heard! Number 5 is alive!!! Don't disassemble number 5!

  • My board started to have the same issue last week (on and off electric noise 'bzzee bzee' and vibrations).
    The board is still nice to ride but I am now scared after Rev.cresci's testimonial
    I just emailed the support to ask where i should return (I am in France).

  • My board is making a funny buzzing and clicks. It does not sound like there is something loose in the wheel... How do I get help?

  • Email or call.. Mine has been there 4 days now without a peep..😢

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