OW true top speed

  • The official spec says that the OW top speed is 15mph, but according to the app I've gone over 18mph. I've even gotten up to 20mph, but that speed was difficult to maintain (while looking at the app at the same time anyhow). So, how accurate is the speedometer on the app anyway? Anyone, has found their top speed different using different device/app to measure? What's the fastest anyone has gotten up to (before the inevitable nose dip)?

  • I would suggest cruising at around 14 as your top speed for performance and safety reasons 0_1445690825606_image.jpeg

  • @DocBlock I don't think I've attempted to screen cap at that speed before! I'm just wondering what's the true/sustainable speed before the nose dive and the board shutdown. I reckon what you're showing would be pretty damn close?

  • @Nat The first week of owning my OW I've gone upwards of 20mph, unintentionally, while fighting pushback. I couldn't figure out how to decelerate and ultimately bailed. I haven't doubted Onewheel's potential for speed since.

  • Holy Sh@t! 21 miles per hour! Your a OneWheel stunt man... That is nuts bro!! @nat

  • @Code-ster That happened to me as well, quite difficult not to freak out not being able to decelerate for the first time!

  • I am so not into trying to get a top speed after reading about all the bad wrecks and broken bones from trying. I think OW is best enjoyed when cruising, and carving at a regular pace without push back.

  • @J-Glide Totally agreed, my question was simply out of curiosity! I'm in no way encouraging anyone to fight the pushback! Face plant at top speed certainly isn't any fun lol!

  • I have been riding my OW to the gym everyday. It's about a 3 mi commute each direction and I have found myself needing to speed up in certain situations. Though OW says it has a top speed of 15, I do believe you can achieve 20mph. If you choose to do so you will experience pushback when hitting 15 mph, but if you lean forward over your nose and fight the push back, the pushback will eventually let you win and you can achieve a higher speed. I would say that the OW's power can not push you past 20mph. I have ridden a boosted board at 20mph and it's fast. I have also had the same experience with OW when pushing the limits. So I am a true believer in that you can reach 20mph on the OW.

    On a side note, I have not experienced any issue being able to slow down at top speed like others have reported.

  • This is crazy...

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