My unfortunate OW problem

  • I'm having issues where my board won't turn on for days at a time and FM said if I send it in and it happens to be working they will ask that I pay the shipping fees, also the white LED lights on the non sensor side stopped working, they are making me somewhat hesitant to ship the board back out of fear that they "won't find anything wrong with my board" although there are obvious issues. They initially had me send them a screenshot of my app settings when my board wasn't turning on and said it didn't seem like there was a remote fix and I would have to send it in then I decided myself I should try charging it overnight and what do you know it started working after that ( except for the lights) and now every few days it will refuse to power up for a day or so at a time, I don't know what to do! What would my fellow onewheelers do?
    Edit: I should add that my biggest concern is that I will have to pay for the postage and my board will not be repaired and continue to have issues...

  • @mikeyjihad I wouldn't be worried about them not finding the issue. I had some concerns as well when I sent my board in, but they found every issue and they are all resolved. Well worth the price of shipping, and the time without your board. You will enjoy it much more when it works how it is supposed to work. If you are not an international customer you will have it back within a week or so after shipping it.

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