• Brand new here, not am owner but will be watching development. I see one of these riding around Brisbane Australia and had to search to see what the hell it was :laughing:

    As these cannot be ridden around malls or certain parks etc, and I assume they are reasonable heavy, what with batteries and rubber etc, AND that they are long enough to hold with one hand on the front edge with the other touching the ground - I feel a great and super simple addition to the design would be to add small rollers into the frame edge with maybe a small strap/handle between.

    Similar to luggage, perhaps elongated cylindrical wheels with a small padded webbing handle between. This would enable you to step off the board, grab the handle and roll it like luggage through restricted areas.
    A simple to implement solution! Perhaps even an after market add-on for version one.

    Hold on. Need to patent this...

  • @WrenStar I see where you are going with this. Hmmm.... an interesting thought. That sounds like it might actually work. You should buy one and try it. :thumbsup:
    It could be called the commuter addition.

  • Doh! I just posted a thread with instructions for building this :) Great minds think alike. (I've been dreaming these up for a couple months, but it took a while to find the right design and parts to make it cheap, easy, and portable).

    Here's the thread...

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