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  • i'm 52, an while i skateboarded as a kid in the late 70s & early 80s, i never did any sports until i picked up snowboarding in the 90s. really looking forward to getting my Pint -- hopefully in a little over a week...

  • @Franko Nice..

    im 42 similar story to yourself.. I spent most of my teens on wheels and didnt really do much for the last 20 years.. I had a couple skating spells and still had the same skills as before but just a little rusty. This Pint will work well for me as it will be for cool cruising and not really tricks or speeding.

    I'm curious to know who has more of an advantage.. ex skaters from yester year or total newbies

    Newbies have the advantage of not having to retrain how the brain perceives powered motion compared to pushing...I dunno.. cant wait until August 5th :)

    PS I'm from London

  • 54 y/o, XR, 2 months, almost 400 miles.

  • @Daymos said in Onewheel Demographics:

    I'm curious to know who has more of an advantage.. ex skaters from yester year or total newbies
    Newbies have the advantage of not having to retrain how the brain perceives powered motion compared to pushing...

    yeah, that's a good question. i am super interested in finding out, too. there are many, many videos of people familiar with skateboarding and snowboarding who apparently pick up the OW with little or no effort at all. i'd be lying if i said i'm not counting on my experience to help in this regard, lol.

  • @Franko I skateboarded as a kid and picked up snowboarding as an adult around the age of 40. I was 59 two years ago when I got my first OW+ (will turn 61 this year) and I hopped on it (fully padded), with no one holding my hands, and proceeded around the park on the paved path. Yeah, I had a couple nose dives earlier on, pushing it a bit too hard (that was before all of the great info on how to ride came out), but now after some 2200 miles, I know my limits and float around my area averaging maybe 12 miles/day on my XR. It's one of the most fun activities I can imagine!

  • @OneDan that's awesome! you are inspiring me. i look forward to jumping on and learning how to ride.

  • 55 years old here. Been riding the V1 for 3 weeks now. Looking out the window right now waiting on the UPS truck to bring my XR.

  • 59 year old male, I'll be 60 this year. Been riding for 3 years now. Mostly ride with a bunch of much younger guys from the Reno-Tahoe Onewheel FB group. We typically do 15-40 mile rides on bike paths, single track trails, or anywhere that looks interesting. Top speed is over 22mph, typically ride in the 15-19mph range, and always ride with helmet and wrist guards minimum.

  • Will be 59 in November, grew up surfing, skateboarding, and water skiing in Florida, took up snow skiing for a few years out in Colorado, 10 years ago. Looking forward to getting the Pint, current July 16 but a moving target, and have already got all the PPE and Hero 3 ready.

  • @k8marlo wait, you're in the Reno/Tahoe area? i'm in Reno! i was going to post on the local reddit once i had my Pint to see if there were other riders in the area. this is good news.

  • @Franko Link up with other local riders on the Reno-Tahoe Onewheel FB group.

  • @k8marlo ahhh - i'm not a facebook guy. hopefully there's other ways.

  • I’m 48 and there are around 5 other OWs in my town. I’m the oldest of everyone in town to get one as far as I know. I wanted one two years ago when I first stumbled upon it on the internet. Coming to terms with the cost took 2 years but I found a good deal on a leftover, brand new plus last April when the Pint was announced. For my riding the bigger wheel on the plus is better.

  • @tomtnt I'm 22, still waiting for my pint. I'm 5'11, 135 lbs

  • 38 and Female here.

    Snowboarder and former skater. Living in the NorCal Bay Area, I commute from Livermore to SF every weekday- that journey was the justification needed for my Pint purchase ;D But I also live on acreage and am stoked to trail ride as well! Not so interested in hi speeds or tricks, I mostly just want to float and carve!

  • I'm getting mine in a few weeks. I'm an 18-year-old guy. I saved up for several weeks to purchase the pint, and I think it will be worth the high cost. I'm planning on using it to float around my college campus and make travel between classes a lot of fun.

  • @JayWalker and @TyDie good to have you in the one wheel population. Rest of us are old farts! 👴👵

  • 55 here in southern Nevada.
    Have done pretty much all of the board sports Including powered stuff for 45+ years. I think the background transfers pretty well. Tried a + in a MotoZoo dealership and off I went around the showroom and building. Traded another toy for the next XR that they got in. Not sure if it is the "most fun", since each toy has its own charms, but for miles and shear ease of use, it is top of the list.

  • This question is in a few places. Here, the Facebook groups, and on Instagram.

    Is anyone ever going to compile it into a gee whiz graphic? I saw on C-Net (or somesuch media place) that the average person with a one wheel is a 39 year old dude.

  • price is a factor

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