Onewheel Demographics

  • @k8marlo wait, you're in the Reno/Tahoe area? i'm in Reno! i was going to post on the local reddit once i had my Pint to see if there were other riders in the area. this is good news.

  • @Franko Link up with other local riders on the Reno-Tahoe Onewheel FB group.

  • @k8marlo ahhh - i'm not a facebook guy. hopefully there's other ways.

  • I’m 48 and there are around 5 other OWs in my town. I’m the oldest of everyone in town to get one as far as I know. I wanted one two years ago when I first stumbled upon it on the internet. Coming to terms with the cost took 2 years but I found a good deal on a leftover, brand new plus last April when the Pint was announced. For my riding the bigger wheel on the plus is better.

  • @tomtnt I'm 22, still waiting for my pint. I'm 5'11, 135 lbs

  • 38 and Female here.

    Snowboarder and former skater. Living in the NorCal Bay Area, I commute from Livermore to SF every weekday- that journey was the justification needed for my Pint purchase ;D But I also live on acreage and am stoked to trail ride as well! Not so interested in hi speeds or tricks, I mostly just want to float and carve!

  • I'm getting mine in a few weeks. I'm an 18-year-old guy. I saved up for several weeks to purchase the pint, and I think it will be worth the high cost. I'm planning on using it to float around my college campus and make travel between classes a lot of fun.

  • @JayWalker and @TyDie good to have you in the one wheel population. Rest of us are old farts! 👴👵

  • 55 here in southern Nevada.
    Have done pretty much all of the board sports Including powered stuff for 45+ years. I think the background transfers pretty well. Tried a + in a MotoZoo dealership and off I went around the showroom and building. Traded another toy for the next XR that they got in. Not sure if it is the "most fun", since each toy has its own charms, but for miles and shear ease of use, it is top of the list.

  • This question is in a few places. Here, the Facebook groups, and on Instagram.

    Is anyone ever going to compile it into a gee whiz graphic? I saw on C-Net (or somesuch media place) that the average person with a one wheel is a 39 year old dude.

  • price is a factor

  • Day 2 owner of a new XR. 51 years old, 5'11" 170lbs.
    Zero board experience other than being able to ride the first skateboards in 1977 for a few months.. That was a long time ago.
    But I Have hiked the AT and PCT and CDT in their entities in the early 90s'... My legs are machines and still strong. Noodles for upper body though... Lol.
    I can't travel much more than about 5 to 10 mph right now and I make huge 10ft circle turns to turn around but I can see the future. Hmph. It won't be long and I should be a little more confident and nimble.

  • 56 here in Rhode Island - ex skateboarder, windsurfer and snowboarder but this is the best! Being able to hop on and go from my front door is incredible. 100 miles in and no major tumbles yet - but I back off at the first sign of pushback around 15mph. I think the best description was when someone said it feels like it is your decision to slow down - very subtle! Anyway, having said that my next post will be from the ER...

  • @McSkiD no it won't. You're smart and not pushing it. I say this because I'm the same way and praying I never have a serious fall at 51 years old. I'm still working, you know.. ... Although I'm still learning and traveling at less than 10 mph right now... Lol

  • @OJsakila I'm starting to push it inadvertently lol - I noticed I was getting pushback much sooner than I expected and thought I must have selected a different shaping by mistake. Nope, still in delirium - I'm just getting more comfortable with speed. I'm betting you are, too!

  • @McSkiD me too!! I'm now up to 9.9 mph.. Lol. Still in Cruz mode.. Haven't experienced pushback yet I don't think.. Definitely making progress every second I'm on it.

    I'm in Love again!

  • @McSkiD I hope this reaches you but I also live in Rhode Island and would enjoy riding with someone! I live in Warwick but I’ve been riding all over the state

  • @wheelrich, It's been a year since I saw your post. That would make me 75 and you 74. Had my first (real) crash a month ago at the 995 mile mark. Riding up my driveway at 10 MPH and the motor just shut off and down I went. I know it shut off because the board rolled back down the driveway 100'. Cracked a couple ribs and sent the O/W back. Got it back 3 days ago and rode it every day since with no apparent loss of confidence. The warning sign I should have paid attention to was that sometimes it would take a few tries to get the motor started. Sometimes up to 10 tries, then it would be fine, until...…

  • 29 in Florida

  • @tomtnt
    Rich old guys? Whoa pal, easy there!
    I take offense to that I'm a poor practically homeless old guy. (Just turned 49)
    I'll take the Pepsi challenge any day 😂 to any youngster who thinks they can beat me at speed and carving, any day. Have yet to come across anyone or seen anyone who comes close. (Even on web) If it went faster it would be better for me but at 18 mph and to carve at that speed it takes probably someone with balls of steel like my generation to do that and some other tricks from skateboarding days to break barriers and show you what can be done.🥶
    You'll see me flying by your cars in and around Manhattan Beach area if looking. 😎

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