Onewheel Demographics

  • 36 here.Ride everyday everywhere in all weather :)

  • 40 here. I agree with callenj357, 30s flew by like a blink.

  • 39 here. And let me join the choir in saying "enjoy your youth!" Now get off my lawn!

  • 16 here. GETTING MINE TODAY!

  • 42 here, but my family can attest that my Onewheel age is quite a bit lower. Failed to convince my wife that multiple OW's was a viable alternative to a minivan, else I'd be helping skew the demo a bit younger.

  • 24! Still waiting for tracking

  • 35....and I ride a hoverboard every day to work via a beach boardwalk. Never would have believed that as a kid growing up in Ohio.

  • Another 35 here! Definitely jealous of you guys who're riding in college!

  • I just ordered mine last week. I'm 45 and can't believe I'm 45.

  • Mine should arrive tomorrow! I turned 37 last week. Can't wait to get riding

  • 38 and I agree about the embarrassment of answering "what's it cost?"

  • 27 Male, I am a SSgt in the Marine Corps and I ride all over the base at Twentynine Palms, CA

  • Looks like I am the old man in the group at 50!

  • I'm 64 and can't wait for mine!

  • @tomtnt said:

    I'm almost too embarassed to admit to people how much it cost!

    There was a guy on here several months back that had a the perfect response for someone asking how much it costs. He said "More than I wanted to pay, but not as much as its worth" I've used that several times. Also when you explain how expensive a Segway is at $4000, it makes it seem cheap. Never be embarrassed.

  • Actually a Segway is about $6,000 these days.

    I've used the "More than I wanted to pay, but less than it's worth" line several times too!

  • Looking at some of the onewheel's supporter on facebook and instagram, it looks like the SUP riders have really taken to the onewheel. need to get some snowboarders on the onewheel and get more exposure in that community.

    I'm doubtful that skateboarders will ever support the onewheel

  • In my experience, skateboarders like and would likely support 1w. I'm a long time skateboarder with a full quiver of boards and I can't wait until my 1w arrives (hopefuly by mid-late Dec). Every skater I've showed video of it to thinks the 1w looks sweet and would like to give it a shot but there aren't really any around and nowhere to try them out and it's a big leap of faith for many (including myself) to drop $1500 sight-unseen, unridden/unteseted. While i've noticed purist skater pushback/resistance to some/many of the traditional e-boards, I think that many skaters see the 1w as something else altogether (which it most definately is) and I think a good part of the lure to the skaters I've show vid of it to, is the off-road, rough street and curb hopping/dropping abilities.When they hear the price, the response varies, some are like "Holy Crap that's a LOT of $$" and some are more like "Hmmm, considering how sick it is and what it can do i'm not surprised it costs that." And of course, most skaters already have skateboards so I imagine that until they get an actual taste of the 1w life, they wouldn't feel an owerwheming need to...

  • @Chance2ride2 I agree with you. This seems to be the first electric segway-type device that doesn't have the nerd stigma attached to it. I'm still waiting for mine, but from what I've seen and heard, it has the same basic feel as riding a skateboard, and what skateboarder wouldn't like to be able to skate uphill at 12 mph through a hiking trail? I think the cost is going to be the main factor here.

  • 35 when I got it, 36 now though.

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