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  • @Chance2ride2 said:

    In my experience, skateboarders like and would likely support 1w. I'm a long time skateboarder with a full quiver of boards and I can't wait until my 1w arrives (hopefuly by mid-late Dec). Every skater I've showed video of it to thinks the 1w looks sweet and would like to give it a shot but there aren't really any around and nowhere to try them out and it's a big leap of faith for many (including myself) to drop $1500 sight-unseen, unridden/unteseted. While i've noticed purist skater pushback/resistance to some/many of the traditional e-boards, I think that many skaters see the 1w as something else altogether (which it most definately is) and I think a good part of the lure to the skaters I've show vid of it to, is the off-road, rough street and curb hopping/dropping abilities.When they hear the price, the response varies, some are like "Holy Crap that's a LOT of $$" and some are more like "Hmmm, considering how sick it is and what it can do i'm not surprised it costs that." And of course, most skaters already have skateboards so I imagine that until they get an actual taste of the 1w life, they wouldn't feel an owerwheming need to...

    On that note, it definitely fits into a skate/surf lifestyle much more than a segway or anything else. I've never been a skateboarder before, but since getting the OW, I've bought multiple pairs of skateboard shoes to ride with. That's basically all I wear to the office these days.

    I ride past dozens of skateboarders every day, and i've never heard anything other than positive feedback from them.

  • 16 here, and from my home to school it is 10-15 mins to school and the OW is perfect with that distance :)

  • Don't forget the original purpose of the OW. .. urban snowboarding. I love to snowboard but since the birth of my kids I've gone about 4 times in 7 years... with soccer practices and ballet and birthday parties it's not easy to take a full day off to ride. The OW promise for me is the idea I can get the snowboard feeling, all year round, a few hours at a time.

    That would be sweet.

  • @simenlier youre one lucky kid!!

  • @njcustom Yeah, but I used mostly my own money

  • @simenlier that doesn't matter.. I wish I had one when I was 16

  • 34 on delivery, now 35.

    I've actually gotten really possitive responses from skaters towards ow. Each group I came across yelled me down and stopped me in amazement. First group I let everyone try and they were naturals and loved it. All groups were shocked by the price and it seemed unattainable for them.

  • Just to answer my own question- My Onewheel just arrived- I'm 41. Pretty damn easy to learn. Put it in extreme mode, jumped on and started cruising. Still too scared to go fast though.

  • Male, age 28. Just adding to the chart ;)

  • 49 here. I guess I'll be 50 when I get it. Who cares how much these things cost? My mountain bike costs $1000+/year in tires, brakes, etc. I'm dying to get this board. I'm hoping my 14 year old daughter will ride it to school (while I'm at work trying to scrape together the dough to buy and maintain toys).

  • Got mine today! It was awkward for about 5 mins then became easy.. 0_1446263774730__20151030_234519.JPG

  • @njcustom can't wait to see your custom mods!

  • Im 14 and saving all my money at the moment ...

  • 39 Here! Vegas in January for my 40th !

  • @X80-CBR what dates?

  • @X80-CBR Let me know when you are going to be in Vegas. I am there January 18-23rd

  • @J-Glide 9th - looking forward to it! Not taking board thou, as hopefully to drunk to ride it! Lol

  • 54 here , skiing in the "3 Vallées" in french alpes

  • 35 and my 65 year old father loves riding as well!

  • @forzabucks also 35 but when my 67 dad stepped up and said he should try, I told him he would probably hurt himself. Does your dad snowboard or any other board sport? My dad doesn't ride anything other than a bike.

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