Onewheel Demographics

  • 34 year old GUY up here in Vermont. Having great fun with it, wish they were around when I was younger. Put a smile on my face the first time I rode one and knew I had to have one. They are pricey and I always tell people to just check the website, I will only say what it is, not how much it costs.

  • 58 year old male - never was in to any board sports - XR delivered 6/12/18 - ride at least every other day - initially steep learning curve - getting more & more confident on it every day

  • 28 yr male, snowboarder my entire life. Never into skateboarding though. Preordered my XR, received it 2nd week into April. I'm ordering 2 more this minute, no joke.

  • 50 in Glasgow, Scotland

  • 51 here in Utah never skated or been on any board at all. Loving every minute of it!

  • 36, never participated in board sports in my life. Played hockey, football, and soccer growing up.
    I use my XR to commute to work and cruise on the weekends.

  • I received mine in August of 2018, when I turned 37 as a gift from my girlfriend.

    I have never done ANY type of board sports.
    I am not very athletic - not in the least.
    I like to believe I'm at least averagely coordinated.

    I first tried a Onewheel at a local dealer's. They have a demo available, and although I did fall square on my ass at one point, I still managed to get on and slowly cruise it around the parking lot fairly well.

    Once I actually got the board, I started riding daily and got comfortable with it in the first 3 or 4 days. In the 2 months I've had it, I've logged 437 miles.

    Best birthday present, EVER.

    As for the embarrassment of cost, I never feel that way. I've used this for so much commuting and errand running, and it has cut down my gas bill quite a bit. I feel that within the first 6 months to year of ownership it will have already paid for itself from the reduced use of my car.

  • I'm 42, I skated as a kid and got into trying different ways of doing it (snakeboards, Freelines) when I got older. When I saw the stuff you can do on this offroad, and it has a cushy air filled tire, I wanted it.
    It would make sense if the age demographic might change based on living in the city or in the suburbs/rural areas. If I were young in the city this is a lot cheaper than and more convenient to use than a car, probably as much so being older unless i have a lot of crap to pack with me.
    For where I live now, this is more of a hobby because things are just too far apart to use this for more than joy riding trails when I can, I gotta drive to get to the city. So I'd imagine the people in the suburbs are mostly older people looking for a cool hobby, since it's not gonna be any kind of real mode of transport for them.

  • i'm 48 in a 2 weeks and I love to ride my onewheel...

  • I am a 35-year-old electrician with a history of recreational sports-- inline, parkour, biking, kayaking, some skateboarding and skiing. The only other owner I know IRL is a kayak enthusiast about my age. Of course, a history like mine isn't unique to millennials. I would imagine OneWheel would also be of interest to people as old as 80+, as it doesn't demand much physical exhaustion for propulsion, just for balance. I think the concept appeals to a lot of older engineering types-- whom also have the money to spend on it.

  • 55 - got my XR two weeks ago and loving it. I started skateboarding when I was 9, surfing when I was sixteen and snowboarding when I was 40. I first saw the Onewheel online and new instantly I had to get one. It was just a natural progression.

  • 45 and am from north Alabama. My 9 yr old son is great at riding it too so I figure that moves my family's average age to 27. ;)

  • Im 35, living in okinawa, i ride everyday my one, go to mall, beach, shopping for food, i always with my one!!!

  • @candicehorie like the Okinawa from karate kid? Where are you from?

  • @tomfoolery aahaahahha yeahhh that okinawa, here is karate land, but i born in brazil :)

  • 49... embrace the fall cuz it’s gonna happen.

  • 39 yo COTA from Arkansas.

  • 31 male here. The onewheel is the best thing in my tacklebox and a must have for a farm. Laissez les bons temps rouler.

  • Hi there!

    2nd OneWheel (v1 and +)
    3rd season
    40 years

  • @candicehorie Obrigado!

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