Onewheel Demographics

  • 28 yr male, snowboarder my entire life. Never into skateboarding though. Preordered my XR, received it 2nd week into April. I'm ordering 2 more this minute, no joke.

  • 50 in Glasgow, Scotland

  • 51 here in Utah never skated or been on any board at all. Loving every minute of it!

  • 36, never participated in board sports in my life. Played hockey, football, and soccer growing up.
    I use my XR to commute to work and cruise on the weekends.

  • I received mine in August of 2018, when I turned 37 as a gift from my girlfriend.

    I have never done ANY type of board sports.
    I am not very athletic - not in the least.
    I like to believe I'm at least averagely coordinated.

    I first tried a Onewheel at a local dealer's. They have a demo available, and although I did fall square on my ass at one point, I still managed to get on and slowly cruise it around the parking lot fairly well.

    Once I actually got the board, I started riding daily and got comfortable with it in the first 3 or 4 days. In the 2 months I've had it, I've logged 437 miles.

    Best birthday present, EVER.

    As for the embarrassment of cost, I never feel that way. I've used this for so much commuting and errand running, and it has cut down my gas bill quite a bit. I feel that within the first 6 months to year of ownership it will have already paid for itself from the reduced use of my car.

  • I'm 42, I skated as a kid and got into trying different ways of doing it (snakeboards, Freelines) when I got older. When I saw the stuff you can do on this offroad, and it has a cushy air filled tire, I wanted it.
    It would make sense if the age demographic might change based on living in the city or in the suburbs/rural areas. If I were young in the city this is a lot cheaper than and more convenient to use than a car, probably as much so being older unless i have a lot of crap to pack with me.
    For where I live now, this is more of a hobby because things are just too far apart to use this for more than joy riding trails when I can, I gotta drive to get to the city. So I'd imagine the people in the suburbs are mostly older people looking for a cool hobby, since it's not gonna be any kind of real mode of transport for them.

  • i'm 48 in a 2 weeks and I love to ride my onewheel...

  • I am a 35-year-old electrician with a history of recreational sports-- inline, parkour, biking, kayaking, some skateboarding and skiing. The only other owner I know IRL is a kayak enthusiast about my age. Of course, a history like mine isn't unique to millennials. I would imagine OneWheel would also be of interest to people as old as 80+, as it doesn't demand much physical exhaustion for propulsion, just for balance. I think the concept appeals to a lot of older engineering types-- whom also have the money to spend on it.

  • 55 - got my XR two weeks ago and loving it. I started skateboarding when I was 9, surfing when I was sixteen and snowboarding when I was 40. I first saw the Onewheel online and new instantly I had to get one. It was just a natural progression.

  • 45 and am from north Alabama. My 9 yr old son is great at riding it too so I figure that moves my family's average age to 27. ;)

  • Im 35, living in okinawa, i ride everyday my one, go to mall, beach, shopping for food, i always with my one!!!

  • @candicehorie like the Okinawa from karate kid? Where are you from?

  • @tomfoolery aahaahahha yeahhh that okinawa, here is karate land, but i born in brazil :)

  • 49... embrace the fall cuz it’s gonna happen.

  • 39 yo COTA from Arkansas.

  • 31 male here. The onewheel is the best thing in my tacklebox and a must have for a farm. Laissez les bons temps rouler.

  • Hi there!

    2nd OneWheel (v1 and +)
    3rd season
    40 years

  • @candicehorie Obrigado!

  • 60 years old, grew up on skateboards, snowboarding for over 20 years, hopped right on the OneWheel+ last year and now have over 1300 miles on it. Just got an XR and love it, although the battery EASILY outlasts me!

  • I will be 61 next month. I have had my OW XR for 2 months and have 250 miles on it (it was still kiteboarding season or I would have more miles). Riding road, grass, trails, gravel. Can do 180's, ride switch, drop curbs. No significant crashes for the first 160 miles then my first nose dive with minor hip injury. Likely rider error in accelerating hard up an 8% grade. 2nd crash was rider error as I was goofing around in gravel. Minor hip (same side) and shoulder injuries. I don't bounce like I used to nor do I heal very quickly. In addition to a helmet and wrist guards I have now added hip padding (Triple8 Butt Saver), combined shoulder/elbow pads from my dirt bike gear, knee pads, and gloves under the wrist guards when I am doing anything at speed. I plan on donning my motorcycle race leathers and gear to do a speed run ignoring push back. Should be amusing!

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