Onewheel Demographics

  • I'm 61 and have the first edition. By far the coolest toy I've ever owed.
    There are waves to ride everywhere if you just open your eyes....

  • @Devon you welcome :)

  • @Dr-9Lives can’t wait to see how that goes. Be careful and get it on video. If you have fangs or the glider system by synergyWiz I’m sure a few of us would like to know how that goes.

  • 59 going on 60. Not rich and don't consider myself old (although there are those that would debate that). No skateboarding or snowboarding but I do occasionally race motocross.
    I've been riding my XR and Plus on trails here in Marin for the last couple of years. I have yet to see another Onewheel locally, we OWers seem to be few and far between geographically. I've recruited friends and family to ride with me but, unfortunately, several have injured themselves so the OW has been banished from family gatherings. Although my friends race motocross they just shake their heads when I attempt to recruit them.
    There are no group rides in Marin, they gather in SF, SJ or the eastbay. Now, if I could only ride my OW that far................

  • I don't see anyone on here to beat me yet...agewise, that is. I am 73 now. Started in July when I was still a young 72. In fact I did a short video of me riding on my birthday last month. Since then I have gone over 100 miles and I would say I am definitely much better. Pretty confident on smooth surfaces, and slowly learning a little off road. Never a skateboarder or snowboarder. This did not come easy to me. If you are struggling, check out my newbie thread on this forum. I am proof that almost anyone can learn this.

  • @wheelrich As someone who is looking for a OneWheel, it was a great read to follow the thread that you wrote! I am 22 and have never skateboarded/snowboarded, but I definitely will follow some of your techniques because they seemed like a great exercise! Also, like everyone else, I really don't want to nosedive within the first couple of months.

  • 36 and I just got the XR. I used to skateboard with my friends when I was younger but never got into the tricks, just cruised with them. I’ve been snowboarding a few times and picked that up rather quickly. A few years ago I decided to buy a longboard (not electric) because I just liked to cruise. Can’t wait to start floating now.

  • @zapp Thanks. I appreciate that. Most of the tips I picked up from watching many videos, reading lots of posts, and, of course, trial and lots of error. Just got back from 10.2 miles of riding, so I will add a few comments. I think you will enjoy the Onewheel, eventually, if not right away. And even if it proves difficult, enjoy the learning experience. Just know, that it you keep at it, you will do it.... and have fun!

    Be sure to share your experiences.

  • Just turned 48yo. Love the OW, and my 10yo son loved it so much I bought him one last Christmas. Lemmie, tell you, it is a blast to go for father-son rides.

    I've only had one accident, and it was very early on, going less than 2mph. No broken bones, but I couldn't even write with a pen the next day. And that was WITH wrist guards. Hip / butt / flank was very bruised. Several hundred miles since then without accident.

    I rec full pads and helmet. The crashes happen with little warning, and pavement isn't nearly as forgiving as snow!!

  • I'm 74 and have ridden 500 + miles since June. I went on my ass a few times the first couple days (that hurts) but not since. Never skateboarded or snowboarded but have skied since I was 10. Also, did high wind (Columbia River Gorge) windsurfing for 15 years. There's 6 - 8 O/W's in my neighborhood and no one does safety gear so I don't either. Average age is around 40 - 50.

  • @speedracer You win! You have an extra year on me (73 here) and almost 400 miles (me 117). I also skied some, in my 30s, but was very mediocre at it. Same falling experience...on my butt. Good to hear from another 70+!

  • Wow, what are the odds of the two oldest guys being on this website at the same time? I was at the Reno Air Races in September (flew down from Hood River, Or. with my O/W in my Long EZ) and stayed at the Sands Casino/hotel. I got busted 3 days in a row by security for riding my O/W inside the casino. "Hey, I'm a guest here. I'm also handicapped and this is how I get around". They didn't buy it. Since then I've added a 5" x 5" handicap sticker on the fender (really). I have a trashed knee from ski wrecks and am waiting on a new knee from the V/A so it's pretty legit.

  • @speedracer Of course. I remember talking to you before now. Glad you are still at it and going strong. Handicap sticker is an interesting way to go. It would probably be effective here in So Cal. Currently I am doing most of my wheeling at a Cal State U near me. So far no one has given me any grief at all. The campus police just seem curious about the OW, but never stop me. Even faculty gives me thumbs up reception most of the time. Students? Most have their heads buried in their phones, so if I ride on a weekday I have learned how to creep behind them until I can get by.

    Just starting to do a little dirt riding, usually on a track. Eventually hope to do some light off road/trail stuff. But, not in a hurry. I enjoy the learning. New things to challenge us, keeps us younger!

  • I am a 57yo male and I have never ridden on any board. I have had my XR for four days, and I ride with a helmet, elbow, wrist and knee protection. So far I love it, certainly taking it easy... very easy. I live on a quiet street so I am getting lots of practice and yes the neighbors think I am dumb. They end up laughing, closing the door and heading back to the couch. My wife is horrified but tolerates my endeavor.

  • nice thread resurrection.
    I'm 57, tried my stepson's xr while visiting in San Jose in May. Bought one a 2 Weeks later(3 weeks purchase to delivery). Life long skier then boarder, so the skills are there, just need to adjust to the new machine'.
    5 sessions at 28 mi. in, 18 mph top speed so far is high alert speed for me, 15 is cruizing, I can't afford to break something and be out of work. Lot's of online educating myself before it even showed up. Fangs right off the bat saved a minor fall once already.
    ps full pads always and my wife bought an e bike to keep up

  • @BobbyBee they just ain't ready for you yet :)

    Morepower to you and happy safe riding.

  • i'm 52, an while i skateboarded as a kid in the late 70s & early 80s, i never did any sports until i picked up snowboarding in the 90s. really looking forward to getting my Pint -- hopefully in a little over a week...

  • @Franko Nice..

    im 42 similar story to yourself.. I spent most of my teens on wheels and didnt really do much for the last 20 years.. I had a couple skating spells and still had the same skills as before but just a little rusty. This Pint will work well for me as it will be for cool cruising and not really tricks or speeding.

    I'm curious to know who has more of an advantage.. ex skaters from yester year or total newbies

    Newbies have the advantage of not having to retrain how the brain perceives powered motion compared to pushing...I dunno.. cant wait until August 5th :)

    PS I'm from London

  • 54 y/o, XR, 2 months, almost 400 miles.

  • @Daymos said in Onewheel Demographics:

    I'm curious to know who has more of an advantage.. ex skaters from yester year or total newbies
    Newbies have the advantage of not having to retrain how the brain perceives powered motion compared to pushing...

    yeah, that's a good question. i am super interested in finding out, too. there are many, many videos of people familiar with skateboarding and snowboarding who apparently pick up the OW with little or no effort at all. i'd be lying if i said i'm not counting on my experience to help in this regard, lol.

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