Onewheel Demographics

  • @McSkiD me too!! I'm now up to 9.9 mph.. Lol. Still in Cruz mode.. Haven't experienced pushback yet I don't think.. Definitely making progress every second I'm on it.

    I'm in Love again!

  • @McSkiD I hope this reaches you but I also live in Rhode Island and would enjoy riding with someone! I live in Warwick but I’ve been riding all over the state

  • @wheelrich, It's been a year since I saw your post. That would make me 75 and you 74. Had my first (real) crash a month ago at the 995 mile mark. Riding up my driveway at 10 MPH and the motor just shut off and down I went. I know it shut off because the board rolled back down the driveway 100'. Cracked a couple ribs and sent the O/W back. Got it back 3 days ago and rode it every day since with no apparent loss of confidence. The warning sign I should have paid attention to was that sometimes it would take a few tries to get the motor started. Sometimes up to 10 tries, then it would be fine, until...…

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