How often (if ever) do you send your board back?

  • @ow_760 coming up on 12 months and ride regularly.

    Mainly riding on the street with some detours through parks, golf courses etc. No problems but also not sure I'm pushing as hard as folks doing mountain bike trails or beach riding.

    I'd note other comments here about selection bias if the goal is to get to something like a defect or failure rate.

  • Beach is a non issue provided you use common sense. Don't ride it in the surf. If it gets excessively sandy or damp, use compressed air to clean/dry it. Some people mention hosing theirs off after a beach session. I've never done that, so I can't comment to how effective that is.

    I ride mine down to the beach several times a week and often drip salt water on it for the ride home after surfing. That small amount of salt water on the foot pads has never caused an issue for me.

  • @lynnpreston good info thank you. i was not planning on riding it through the surf but plan on hitting the sand/beach a lot.. was concerned if i took a spill and the board did get wet etc. And similar to you i will be dripping some on the board after spending time in the water. Sounds like this will not be an issue as long as i keep the board clean after each use. (used to that routine with all my other gear, boat, mc).

  • @callenj357 When I rode mine on the beach I was chasing waves out and letting them chase me back up the beach. I wiped out once, and the wave caught up to the board before I could pick it up. Fortunately it didn't hurt it, but it's something to think about when ridding on the beach.

  • Same here @J-glide! Not everyone is a perfect rider early on. I wasn't.

  • I rode on the beach in the surf and it got fully dunked a couple of times but hosed it off at the showers afterwards with the fresh water and let it dry. No problems except sand in the charging port... Beach is a lot of fun, will be taking it back there for sure this Christmas :D

    In terms of reliability, I have been riding it to the point now where the board owes me nothing. I feel like I have redeemed 100% of the money I paid... I ride it daily to work and back and on the weekends for fun. I also use it to haul 5-7kg of laundry up a hill every fortnight. I was riding it in the rain but I've since stopped that simply because I don't like getting wet, not because of a limitation of the board.

    No idea how far I've travelled... I'm guessing about anywhere between 200-400kms. Really wish the app had a proper odometer.

  • @lardnicus love reading about long term experiences like this

  • 8 month riding and 0 issue...fortunately i'm from France :)

  • There may be no greater Onewheel moment than the first time you transition from a boardwalk to a beach. Take your headphones off, because you will literally hear hundreds of people say "what the $*%# is that, I want one" repeatedly.

    Because of the uneven balance of sand, it also really makes you feel like you are surfing, and not just riding.

  • Just chiming in. Had it a long time, as one of the KS backers. Riding it daily to work for several months. Also taking it off road in various locations, but no beach close by. Did try a volleyball court, but the sand was too soft.

    No problems so far. I have to agree with the second part of @lardnicus post.

  • One day of ownership and board no longer turns on. 3-blink overcharge error! What a bummer

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