• Hey guys,

    I am going to be traveling internationally a lot soon and have not travelled yet with the onewheel. Can anyone tell me of their experiences? I am going to New York to Argentina this winter and want to see what it is like. i am planning on putting it in a bag and taking it on the plane with me instead of checking it in. Let me know what your experience was like going through security, arriving in the foreign country, going through customs, and then bringing it back through US security and customs. THANK YOU!

  • @larghi87 Quite a few threads on here regarding international travel. No one has ever has any problem so far (from what I've read including my own experience anyway). People have ridden to the gate, checked the OW in etc. I'm not sure about Argentina in specific, but so far OW has certainly been around. I took it to several places in Asia this year, never had any issues (I always checked mine in BTW).

  • Linke @nat said, people generally don't have problems with travelling. You might also check out this thread for info about a bag that I'm preparing: -- there are also some other suggestions over there of other kinds of bags. While one might not be necessary, it may make things easier for you.

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