• I dont get myself to ride the OW that much without using it to get somewhere. When I
    first bought it I rode it a lot just for fun,
    but now I just ride it if I am going places.

    What gives you guys motivation to ride it?

  • I used to be the same. I still am in many ways. Mostly just rode it when actually wanting to go somewhere.
    Almost needed an excuse to go out having a ride.
    But then one night, I decided to take a ride in the park. I had decided earlier that day that I should go out and ride, because the days where getting colder and I felt like it. However it got a bit late, but i decided to go out anyway.

    So there I was, riding around the park. A few lights here and there to guide my way, and just enough clothes not to be bothered by the cold night air.
    Almost no people, just a few dog-walkers from time to time. It was extremely refreshing.
    Almost a zen-like feeling. Like meditation. Just me, the board and the nature. From riding noisy and bumpy gravel, to near silent mud/grass paths. The cold wind in my face and almost not a sound apart from the tire working the dirt.

    Coming back I felt great, and went out for a few of those rides since. Very relaxing thing to do, riding in the night.

    Either way though, it's not a competition of who rides it the most. Ride when you like, and don't feel forced to go out and ride it just because you have one.
    A good motivation however would probably be doing it in groups, since you asked. :)

  • I think when you buy something originally for fun, but then it becomes a utility to you, it shows you've really bought something incredible.

  • @simenlier I'm eagerly awaiting you to drop another trick video!

  • I get my OW Friday.. But i have other toys.. I look for bicycle trails.. We have tons here in new Jersey.. Nice ones too..

  • @germx I was really getting into your story man! Lol.. I get mine Friday I can't wait!!!!

  • Got my board in June and rode almost every day and definitely every night in the dark. Now it's getting colder and dark has closed in both morning and night. I'm also busier with work and family and am not getting out like I used to. Went for a ride in the cold this weekend and for the sniffles afterwards. Will need to bundle up more next time. I'm really looking forward to riding on my travels this winter from a utilitarian aspect. I normally like to get around on foot to see more when traveling, but I'm hoping riding onewheel will get me much farther much faster than I normally Would be able to see.

    Onewheel is like everything else that is good, it's easy to take it for granted after you have had it for a while.

  • @Brutha-Man I am working on a new video, but its not a OW video. I dont know what tricks to try, if you have some ideas feel free to share them with me. I need some ideas :)

  • Interesting. I have the opposite problem - I'm more motivated to ride than do other things like work...

    Have you tried different terrain? Parks with grassy slopes are fantastic especially if they have dirt and pavement to mix it up. I don't know why, but I find brick roads to be super fun too - something about the sound and feel of the OneWheel rolling over the bricks is really satisfying.

    I find it much more fun to carve a lot too. Just going straight ahead is quite a bit less interesting. I generally carve continuously back and forth - unless I'm trying to make time in which case straight and really fast is fun too.

    I have a few regular routes I ride from my house - that I keep tweaking to make them even more fun.

    Hope that helps..

  • @jeff8v7 I rode up and down takeshita street after hours and had a blast on the cobblestone terrain with all the elevation change.

  • @utsu Wow, you manoeuvred around all those people!? I bet there's a lot of cool spots around the Meiji shrine and yoyogi park as well!???

  • @jeff8v7 said:
    "I don't know why, but I find brick roads to be super fun too - something about the sound and feel of the OneWheel rolling over the bricks is really satisfying."

    That's good to hear because my campus is practically all brick

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