Repair turn around

  • OW just received my board for repair. Paid for the 2 day shipping which was recommended by those on this forum. Anyone who has sent their board in previously, how long was your board at the factory?

  • Update: I am back riding again on a new board. 12 days in total. Old one was not repairable I guess. (something with the electronics) Although they are slow on the email response (normal given their volume) they answered every question I had and kept me up to date through the process. Awesome customer service and a great company! Can't wait for my second board to arrive

  • @bgwily1 I totally agree with you as my board is under repair right now. They are very very kind and reply to all questions within a day. But as someone suggested on another topic, service center in Europe would be awesome !

  • @bgwily1 what was the issue you were having? I just sent mine in- kept giving me temperature issues 7 blinks :-/

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