Motor Not Engaging After First Power On.

  • Have been getting this weird issue. After powering on the board (blue light on, front/rear LED's on) the motor doesn't engage. I have to power cycle it for it to engage. Usually once, but a few times twice. I'm on the latest firmware and using Van's shoes, so the sole is flat. After motor engages, no problem riding it. Just the fear factor in the back of my head hoping for it not to disengage while traveling (which already happened before). Anyone else experience this?

    I did a search, but didn't find anything on this. Perhaps its my lack of searching skills. :-)


  • I use the kick test.

    I've tried to hop on usually in front of people for a quick get away and fall of the of other side.

    Put it down, press the button, then push it forward a few feet with your foot. By the way it stops you know if it ready and it looks cool..

  • Okay, thanks looks like it might be normal. Good idea to nudge it forward to see if it rolls. :laughing:

    Since it is an attention grabber, I'm trying to avoid looking like a goof when get on it and it just fall to the other side with me on it. LOL I end up having that puzzled "WTH?" look.

    Normally, I just click the button and away I go

  • I've had this happened as well, although quite rare. For some reason every time it happened, someone is always looking and I was trying my to be cool... Only to end up looking like a tool.... So I think the fix for this issue is just try your hardest not to look cool. The board knows and it'll try to mock you lol.

  • I'm recovering from serious internal knee injury because of this issue, it started with last update. It has another issue you should be aware of, if you leave it for a few minutes and come back to ride it again it doesn't engage. Try to power cycle and kick the board before you ride it. This is the worst update ever

  • Always use the kick/push test before starting..

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