Whats your OneWheel worth to you?

  • Just for fun, I'm curious, what is the price that you would sell your OneWheel for? People talk about how expensive these boards are but now that you own one what is it worth to you now? How much would someone have to offer you to give it over and wait for another?

  • @MichaelW their first born and 4 goats

  • I waited 3 months which is hard to put a $ number on..

  • I don't think I'd sell unless I tragically became like a double-leg amputee... and even then I'd figure out a way to ride it.

    I'd probably take up handstand Onewheeling @MichaelW

  • Haha, good question. If I could sell now and immediately put in a new order, I'd do it for $500 over reorder cost. It's cold and dark here in wi, and this is my busy work quarter so I'd be getting my new one just when things slow down. If hypothetically I couldn't reorder, the price would need to be life changing high. For me over six figures would do the trick and then I'd settle for a boosted board or one of those unicycle things😋 .

  • I'm always shocked when people guess the price correctly within ~$500, most people ask the price, then I say "wanna guess?" and they typically say "1k?" or "2k?"

    Whenever I ask younger adults or kids they always say something like "$300?"

    When I got my first board I would not have sold it for anything less than 500 over retail. Now that I have a handful Id like to think I could be more flexible, but it would depend on how long the wait time is and how many boards there were on the market.

    Starting to think there will be a run for them closer to christmas..

  • When I compare with the snowbording equipment in France: board~500 800€,boots~200 250€,fix~200 300€ +price of ski lifts(~35 40€/day) for a 3 month winter season...this fact that I never resell my first OW wich is already a collector's item :)

  • My soul.. I sold it, and I havent even gotten my OneWheel yet.

  • Thats a really hard question, hmmmm...

    I dont think I would ever sell, even if it comes down to the point that you can't repair it anymore.
    Then it would be kind of an memory or a collectors item, so I dont think i would ever sell it.

  • I'd probably sell mine for $3k and immediately order 2 new ones.

  • I was going to say I wouldn't sell it, but I like @forzabucks $3000 idea. A 2nd board would be really fun. Obviously - a ridiculously high offer would be compelling too - 1 MILLION dollars - hu-hahahaha!

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