how many onewheels are made a day? how many are being shipped in a day?

  • i can imagine once they have all the parts and pieces it doesn't take much to assemble and ship?

  • Not exactly sure of the factory's capacity but you can see the assembly of Onewheel here

  • My guess is a few made a day.. None shipped daily.. They ship in large numbers

  • By all estimations they are made in surges rather than constant production.

    I'm sure its more economical and better on the work force to bring in the team for off/on cycles of a few weeks at a time than constantly having them on standby waiting for parts to arrive from overseas and around the US.

    It sure must be stressful for them with the handful of armchair critics on the message board though who think FM owe them something and constantly complain about a startup's growing pains in their first year of operation :P

  • Good would be interesting just to know how they manage this...I think they make a batch and then ship that batch...Anyone waiting on a board is wishing/picturing a worker standing at the end of the assembly line and grabbing it as soon as its done and then speeding off to ups with it.

  • I'm guessing there are huge production fluctuations still while they work out the kinks between supplier issues and internal production issues. If they have to ship back a whole supply of parts to get fixed that would halt everything and I'd bet that has happened. Also in the past I think the have found a flaw or a better way of doing something and they go and update all boards on hand even if completed. Hopefully most of the trials are behind them. It will be a great day when they have units in stock ready to ship.

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