Battery status/riding mode indicator

  • I first posted this in General, as I didn't see this topic thread. I've deleted the original post.

    I was thinking that the board could use a system for displaying information to the user that excludes the need for an app.
    Here's what I came up with:

    Instead of having a blue light on the power button, use a multicolor LED. The riding modes can each have unique colors like this example:
    Casual: White
    Extreme: Dark blue
    Uphill: Purple
    Training: Orange
    The colors would need careful thought so as not to be mistaken.

    When the user turns on the board the color of the power button will indicate the current riding mode.

    Once the board is on, after 3 seconds of indicating the riding mode, the power button will then default to a battery level indicator. The color will then represent the current battery status:
    Traditional onewheel blue (the current color): 70-100% battery
    Green: 50-70%
    Yellow: 30-50%
    Red: 10-30%
    Flashing red: under 10%

    I figure it is not possible to add this to the current boards, but a nice addition to the future iterations without having to worry too much about adding too many more components. It would also be great if the users could change the colors and battery level ranges to their preference using the app.

    The colors could also change in alternating patterns to help with error codes. so rather than having to wait and count out several rounds of flashes, errors could be far more quickly identified with a color combination like quick flashing between dark red and any other color to identify the issue much more quickly.

  • cool Idea!

  • Another method if possible would be to use the LED lights that are located at either side of the board.

    IF you kept your finger on the power button for say 2-3 seconds, the LED's could be used as a gauge maybe?

    I'm not sure on the actual internal wiring, however if you can individually activate each one it should work well for when you dont have a smartphone on you.

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