Build you own clip-on wheels for $5

  • I finally made a pair of clip on roller wheels and I'm loving them!! So much better than carrying my OW or using a bag.

    When needed, I just clip the rollers onto the end of the OneWheel and use the built in handle on the other end to roll my OW along beside me. Cost about $5 once I found the right parts.

    2 - Large Binder Clips (1" capacity)
    2 - Hammer Caster brand roller wheels (32x14)
    4 - 4x10mm screws, nuts, washer

    For assembly you'll need, a drill, 4.5mm drill bit, screw driver, forceps (or tiny pliers and an extra hand)

    I'll post some pics below...

  • 0_1446215853809_OneWheel-Rollers.jpg

  • Instructions for building...

    1. Get 2 large binder clips from office supply store. Make sure they fit over the end of your OW.
      Find wheels & appropriate screws at hardware store. I used Hammer Caster brand 32x14mm wheels, but use what you can get in your country. Wheels should be small enough that you can still open the clip to full width after assembled. Also, I don't recommend casters which swivel as the OW just falls over.

    0_1446216067757_OneWheel-Rollers - 1 of 11.jpg

    1. Drill holes in the binder clips. I suggest making the holes 1 size too large (4.5mm instead of 4mm for example), so you don't have to drill them as precisely.

    0_1446216134133_OneWheel-Rollers - 2 of 11.jpg

    1. Attach binder clip to wheel. I put the washer in between, to maintain the curve of the binder clip - otherwise, they are harder to open. Here's some ideas for making it easier...

    1_1446216315065_OneWheel-Rollers - 3 of 11.jpg
    3_1446216315065_OneWheel-Rollers - 4 of 11.jpg
    2_1446216315065_OneWheel-Rollers - 5 of 11.jpg
    0_1446216315065_OneWheel-Rollers - 6 of 11.jpg

    1. Make another one... Final product looks like so...

    1_1446216444553_OneWheel-Rollers - 11 of 11.jpg

    1. Clip to your board on the non-handle side, hold handle, and roll it along. If you have a fender, it will conveniently be facing your leg, so the tire doesn't rub on your clothes.

    0_1446216571421_OneWheel-Rollers - 8 of 11.jpg
    1_1446216571421_OneWheel-Rollers - 10 of 11.jpg

  • I've been trying to figure out a way to do this same thing while I wait for my board to arrive. This is pretty genius and would take up a lot less room in my backpack.

    I had envisioned the wheels facing the other way, though, so I could roll it like carry on luggage. I wonder if you could put the rotating casters on instead, and then roll it whichever direction you'd like?

  • @thegreck Sure. The beauty of DYI is you can do whatever you want :)

    The handle length is a bit short for rolling the OW behind you - so you might want to extend the handle. I played with swivel wheels from a 4-wheel suitcase, but they are a lot less stable. You can't easily stand it upright with just 2 swivel wheels. It falls over. And it doesn't handle uneven surfaces as well.

    4 swivel wheels would work and make it free standing, but it would be bigger & heavier.

    The binder clips are an easy way to attach anything to the board - so go for it and send your pics and impression!

  • @jeff8v7 Ahh... I see. Yeah, that length thing is exactly why I was asking. Since I don't have my board yet, it's hard to know exactly which ideas just won't work. But I really like the simplicity of this solution, thanks for posting it!

  • I'm testing a second design for the clip on wheels.

    The first design is super portable and works great on smooth surfaces, like indoors or at a Japanese train station, which is what I made them for.

    But, they aren't as good on a road or rough surface, because the wheels are a bit too close together. The board wants to catch and tip forward.

    Thus..version 2 with a little tweak to move the wheels apart. Much better on rough roads, but slightly bulkier than the previous ones. Here's the pics. I considered adding a third wheel in the middle just to make it interesting too..



  • @jeff8v7 I have to say I really think your design is genius!

  • @jeff8v7 Pretty cool! What is that metal strip?

  • So do you roll it side ways? Or do the wheels swivel so you can roll it behind you like luggage ?

  • @braswell I asked him that in this thread, look above the last photos.

  • @thegreck ahh sweet, been following this idk how I missed it :) Thanks

  • I roll it sideways beside me. This seems most natural because that's how I carry the one wheel normally - on one side by the handle on the end. I just got tired of gravity, but the position is great for carrying.

    I don't know what the long metal piece was intended for originally. I just walked around the hardware store until I found something that fit through the clips and was the right length. The black paint was a nice coincidence. :)

  • Someone more clever than me could likely design a 3D printable part that slides on securely and just needs 2 wheels attached.

  • Today I noticed that even a single clip on wheel is is fine for just quickly sliding the OW across the floor instead of carrying it. And the board pivots easily on the single wheel.

    Two clip ons is still better for leaning it against something - like yesterday at the crowded Apple Store. Easy to slide around on 2 wheels and prop against a counter or wall.

    My next project is little wheels that are permanently attached and just flip into place when needed. Seems like a small cabinet hinge will be sufficient - time to visit the hardware store :). Might be too ugly to keep, but worth a try...

  • 0_1452378480694_image.jpeg
    @jeff8v7 Made my own! And it only cost me $40! That's $5 for parts, $5 for a titanium drill bit, and $30 for a new bench vise. Haha... all things I needed anyway.

  • @thegreck Yeah - a titanium drill bit is important. Those binder clips are hard to drill.

    So cool to see my idea in use! Enjoy! I typically use 2, but 1 is pretty good too.

    I have a backpack attachment I designed too, but I haven't posted it. It allows you to hang the OneWheel on an existing backpack for long distance hauling - which I usually avoid.

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