Build you own clip-on wheels for $5

  • @thegreck Yeah - a titanium drill bit is important. Those binder clips are hard to drill.

    So cool to see my idea in use! Enjoy! I typically use 2, but 1 is pretty good too.

    I have a backpack attachment I designed too, but I haven't posted it. It allows you to hang the OneWheel on an existing backpack for long distance hauling - which I usually avoid.

  • @jeff8v7 The vise was really important too! I was putting my full body weight into my B&D hammer drill for a minute straight before even the titanium bit showed any sign of going through that damn binder clip. What are those things made of??

    Looking forward to seeing your backpack clip!

  • @thegreck I was wondering that (how hard to drill). I think it is due to the process they go through to hold their shape and keep tension on what ever you have them placed on.

  • @Dude I was totally thinking the same thing. Has to be pretty strong metal to hold as tight as they do.

  • A vice or drill press would help. :) I've drilled a bunch of these. I clip the binder onto some styrofoam or cardboard, then drill a tiny pilot hole first. Then just be patient with the bigger bit. It takes much longer than you'd think.

  • Actually - by tiny pilot hole I don't mean your smallest bit. You'll break it in no time.

    Too bad they don't make smartphones from the same metal. It seems near indestructible, and it's cheap.

  • @jeff8v7 Hey check this out... I took your 2-wheel design and modified it to use a single clip:

  • The idea I had in my head about this concept was more like what the custom bag builder made (though I had thought of it in this type of thing) with roller blade type wheels, turned 90 degrees to these wheels, and a clip on handle or in V.2 board a cut in handle on 1 end and cut in wheel groove well points to lock onto.

    I was even thinking a small nylon rope, with hard plastic grip that clips on.... So it's easy to store with the power supply and wheels in a backpack.

  • This is is all great! Seems like the most recent improvement w the lil wood strip makes it taller too

  • @thegreck Nice change. I just saw this post. Making it a little taller is a nice idea too. I found putting the wheels farther apart helps with stability too.

    I actually just ordered a couple of wheels that I can screw directly onto the deck - because I'm just that lazy. I'll post pictures & a review when I get it completed. Here's the link to the least obtrusive side mount caster wheels I could find...,51976&ap=1

  • Just found this thread, and lucky enough that this is exactly what I need on extremely short notice.

    Will post pics of the DIY hack soon :3

  • thats awesome ,really good idea,but I think if it is the foldable little scooter ,that would be better

  • Nice job, Dirt Cheap!
    PS: Get two OW add a seat in between the two then you can sit while riding.
    Maybe add a roof, air-con radio...

  • This post is deleted!

  • 0_1474132962929_image.jpeg

    Here is mine! Cork to protect...

  • Thanks for all the tips here -- I really wanted something like this. I am close to finishing mine -- tried this hilariously large binder clip found on Amazon because I wanted to see if I could get away with only one clip, plus try out a swivel wheel. It works fairly well! Although ideally I'd love for FM or someone else to mass produce a perfect version that I could just buy.

    I glued a felt strip to one inner side of the clip because the metal on the grip tape was fingernails-on-a-chalkboard horrible. Also found that if I clip it on the corner of the board instead of the middle, I can drag it behind me like I would a roller suitcase.

    (Also as mentioned above, drilling through the clip suuuuuucks. Gave the task to a handy DIY-type buddy and the struggle was real.)


  • @el_puente
    Here is my way to carry my Onewheel ( video )

  • @norm said in Build you own clip-on wheels for $5:

    Here is my way to carry my Onewheel ( video )

    I shared that video on FB a while back on here. Clever way to tow your board home... way better than carrying it. Thanks for officially sharing the link.

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