Question for the snowboarders out there...

  • Tom's response is perfect. I have been snowboarding for 10+ years and it's the same reason why I got a Onewheel plus our season on the East coast don't last very long. The Onewheel is a lot easier then snowboarding however it does teach you some what of the basics of snowboarding. You will just be using a more aggressive heel and toe carve on a snowboard and it wont feel like your handling is coming from just the center of a Onewheel, but rather your whole board will grip giving you sharper turns then what a Onewheel can handle. Give snowboarding a try and stick with it for a bit and you should catch on quickly.

  • You can likely get some conditioning that will help when snowboarding, perhaps gain some balance, but otherwise I suspect the skill transfer is mostly from boarding to OW not the other way. But I could be totally wrong here. I've been snowboarding since 1986, so I hardly remember life before boarding :)

    It also depends on how you ride. Riding in a straight line is less "snowboardy" than making continuous rhythmic turns - which is generally how you control speed on a snowboard.

  • @BradK @jeff8v7 Thanks for the input guys, I think I kinda get it now. I think I'll be giving it a go! Now I just have to wait for my knee to heal! Thanks again!

  • Agree with everyone. Snowboarding is a lot harder to learn. Experience on the onewheel will really help with some of the basics of balance and leaning to carve. Having your feet strapped in with no motor to help will be a rude awakening and breaking on a snowboard takes practice not to catch an edge and go flying. I recommend it highly but expect some sore knees and elbows after your first try even if you are an expert on onewheel.

  • I snowboard and I picked OW up almost instantly.. I've let about 5-6 people ride it and all of them rode it almost instantly too.. I suggest low air pressure at first because its very shaky.. They ask for 20psi but that's way hard.. I'm at 14 now and its comfy..

  • @Franky Right! Pain expectation, checked! lol

  • if you looking for something like snowboard you have to check le leif board

  • @charge360 Was looking at this as well. Would love to give it a try!

  • @Nat said:

    Was looking at this as well. Would love to give it a try!

    I order it and I will receive on the beginning of next years. One wheel for riding in forest or grass and the leif board for the street. that is the best. Le leif is more safe to ride. two different breaking system and a better balance.

  • @charge360 Nice one! Please do a review once you have the board. I know this is OW forum, but I'm sure people would be interested in hearing about Le leif, well I am anyway! Did you have a chance to test it out before placing the order?

  • I'm a life-long skier, but having the OW is making me seriously consider trying out snowboarding next time I go to the mountains.

  • @Nat I not tested the board but ask so much question and it seem the best board on the marker. I have a e-go cruiser and this board is so cheap and the motor smoke. I decided to pre order a leif. Something very solid i hope. The one wheel is the first board I see on the internet but I dont order it because of the leifboard. I decided to buy it because I want to go off road with it. Yes i will talk about the leif on a little review . Leif VS OneWheel ;)

  • @charge360 Definitely looking forward to that!!!

  • @charge360 My money is on the OW winning out :smirk:

  • @charge360 damn it- you just made me spend another $1299! I used to own a non-electric freebord - which is what this board was based on... it was impossible to ride - this looks MUCH better. the sliding is pretty awesome... i don't like these "preorders" that takes forever to deliver though - hopefully they will follow through

  • 1299$ usd plus 100$ shipping plus extra tax from border. yes is expensive

  • @charge360 That thing looks pretty sweet! I would also be interested in how it compares.

  • @charge360 Do you know the expected delivery timeframe yet?

  • early 2016

  • @charge360 that's a bit concerning given that the original timeframe was supposed to be fall 2015.... I'm always weary of Indiegogo campaigns. hope they deliver a good product.

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