Need help with app

  • Hoping someone can answer a question for me.. My app doesnt run while I'm riding.. Is that just mine? I can't see my speed.. After I stop and reconnect i go into settings and see everything but It doesn't show speed.. Can anyone help?

  • Not sure why but that is not normal. If I'm in settings while riding the stats update in real time. However I've noticed if I leave he settings screen and come back, the settings might sometimes not update. Not too sure since its been a while since I've used this. But I've used settings to watch battery percentage go down as i went up hill and then watched battery recharge while going down hill from the app.

  • @njcustom the same for me :(

  • @Franky I rode the wheel for 5 minutes before turning the app on.. In settings it said it was never riden.. Clearly has been riden.. So then I take off with the app open and everything started to move, but only for a few feet before it disconnected..

  • Just found out that the app had an update and it now stops you from using the app while riding the board :disappointed:

  • @njcustom Nah, the update prohibits firmware updating while riding. You should still be able to see your speed etc.

  • @madsb you're right I totally read that wrong lol.. I guess I'll try deleting the app and re-installing it

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