is it 4-6 miles? or 6-7 miles?

  • I received my board a week ago, read the manual, it says; Top speed 12 mph, range 4-6 miles.
    Online, it says 15 mph, and 6-7 miles?
    Which is it?

  • @brucevmc I believe the latest firmware increased the range and speed capabilities! Try it out for yourself, you'll soon find that the board can even exceed the 15 mph quoted (but only if you're comfortable with that speed). The worst thing to do with the board is to push it beyond what you're comfortable with, definitely recipe for disaster! Otherwise, enjoy your new board and happy riding!

  • There are too many variables to have a definitive general answer. I'm guessing their documented mileage is based on specific conditions including rider weight, tire pressure, average speed, and elevation traveled. If you deviate from those standards at all I would expect a different result. I typically get 6 miles max but I've gotten 8.

  • Top speed is definitely above 12 when you are on Extreme mode (which you should always ride on).

  • Hy all,I m living in Paris, ow is perfect for playground and i don t know thé real capacity but i ever did trip for 1 hour in extrême mode/10 km+ magnifique

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