APP update?

  • was curious how often app/firmware updated? when was the last update? would love to see some new features in the app... it's pretty barebone. at the very least:

    1. odometer - lifetime, since last charge, last ride
    2. speedometer - on the big screen, not the tiny "settings" screen (why is that screen called "settings" ?)

    oh yea, android version would be nice.. can't believe that's still not available so many months after launch

  • Yeah the app is boring .. And mine only works when I'm not riding.. Needs an update asap.. Large speedo, large battery gauge and trip..

  • Welp. Not gonna happens soon, I don't think. They don't even have an android app.

  • @tomtnt I agree that a lifetime odometer would be great! If I had to guess why the board looses connection while riding it, it seems to be a processing issue with the board itself. It seems to loose connection if the board is having to think too much. Anytime I ride fast, or get a little aggressive with it is when I loose connection. I'm not sure an app update would fix that.

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