Onewheel battery issues?

  • I'm glad I got a Onewheel today.

    I have a question. I started the Onewheel power button ,But he did not respond.
    I charge him, the charger also shows the green light, in accordance with the instructions above told me that he should have enough power, but I show from the apps, his power is 0%

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  • @touxie1019 leave on charger for 48hours. If still not turning on contact support

  • @touxie1019 Agree with @thehoff. Sounds like maybe one of the cells isn't fully charged, and it's the cell the Onewheel is using to judge power levels overall.

    If this is the case, charging for 48 hours should balance all of the cells and you'll be good to go. If not, you might need to send it in to be worked on :(

  • @thehoff @thegreck Thank you info , my OW on leave to charger , After 24 hours hope there good news

  • Is your power brick showing a green or red light? If you're getting a green light, try this:

    Plug in the board, then press and hold the power button on the board until the indicator light on the power brick turns from green to red. See if that kick starts the charge on your board.

    I had this problem and this fixed it after a 48 hour charge attempt that did nothing. After searching through the FM troubleshooting materials, this is what I came up with... Let me know if it works!

  • @CaseInvaders Thank you , I will listen to your suggestions, carry out some tests, thank you very much.

  • update....

    I have talked with Carly at support. They suggested me send it back , But I am in Taiwan, the international freight quite high. hope it works.

  • @touxie1019 said in Onewheel battery issues?:

    d with Carly at support. They suggested me send it back , But I am in Taiwan, the international freight quite high. hope it works.

    I'm from Brazil and just had my board fixed by FM. I had to sent it using FEDEX and it's already returned. As it was under warranty, they paid for everything. The only downside was that I stayed around 3 weeks away from my OW...

  • @MNSC I think my OW will leave me for a few weeks :(

  • Having my own battery issues. What was the end result with this?

    Here is my post. Any help would be great.

    While on this evening's ride, my board died with 28% battery life remaining. I left the house with 78%, and it rapidly declined to eventually the 28% and the board finally completely gave out. I confirmed the battery remaining percentage via the Onewheel Buddy app and the stock OneWheel app. The stock OW app showed the level at nearly the 30% mark, but gave an error message saying I "needed some juice" and to charge it. This is the first time this is happened to me, been riding for a little over a month and have 80 miles on my OW. I'm wondering if anyone else out there has had battery calibration issues where it shows you a remaining percentage... but it is not entirely accurate. Hoping this was a fluke, giving it a full charge now as we speak to see if they recalibrate. Part 2 coming next.

  • Rode it again today after a 48 hour charge. It held 100% for a while, even after doing 2.5 miles. Then started rapidly declining. All in all I got about 7 miles out of street riding out of the battery. But it just won't reset to zero. At 28 to 27% the board totally died. Still showing 28% battery life remaining on both the stock and one wheel buddy app but the board is dead to rights. Other than a 48 hour charge, is there a way to do a hard reset for it to recalibrate with the software?

  • @CapoDelToro I don't know another way around... You should talk to FM's support. They are pretty solicit and will know what to do, but be prepared to stay away from you board for a couple of weeks...

  • @CapoDelToro maybe it's just not reading the batteries correctly. If you got 7 miles out of a single charge that's pretty good. I usually get around 6 miles before it gets too close to 0%. If I am taking it really easy I can get around 7-8 if I try really hard to go down hills and not up them.

  • That's the problem, I need it to start reading the batteries correctly. Lol. My only other alternative is just to know that 30% equals zero and just deal with it from there.

  • @touxie1019 I have the same problem. How long did it take to get everything figured out? Did they give you a brand new one or just replace the battery? Our's is less than a week old. Thanks!

  • @CapoDelToro

    Try running it on the bench until it dies and do a 24 hours charge.
    Use a clamp to keep it running.

  • Nice! I placed it between 2 chairs and placed a weight on shoe on senor pad until it died. Then charged for 48hours. Hope that works! But it does seem likely that you need battery reset from FM(It sucks to send it back). Try this and see. Good Luck Brother!

  • As expected, while riding last night it died at around 38%. I immediately pressed the power button on and off a few times and the battery gauge miraculously changed to 1%. It would stay on for a few seconds and auto shutoff. I kept turning it back on until I felt like I squeezed all the juice out and it wouldn't turn back on. I then put it on charge. I'm at 100% now, ill let you guys know how it rides when I get a chance to run it down.

  • @CapoDelToro Bummer! I'd be really curious to hear if FM has data on this issue? I'm certain that they are aware as I've heard`and seen this issue randomly across the production line affecting the whole(world) market. The creators and techs are some super cool, real, passionate folks that I've talked with, emailed, and heard about(from my bro's 1st hand factory experience)! It would be empowering to OW heelers to help with these evolution's. I'm positive most would stoked to invest in the constant evaluations and experiences through the field research. The Forum and Onewheel Buddy help alot.

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