Future Motion forum participation

  • Anyone know why no one from FM participates on these forums anymore? Looking at old messages, they used to always chime in with helpful tips etc. I don't think they've posted in few weeks.

    Definitely still posting on social media though.... weird.

  • A lot of jackasses on these boards nowadays. I can see why they stay away from these boards. If people started acting like respectful people ( like the old days) instead of self entitled "customers" they'd be on more. But ppl have effed that up. They get back to me immediately in PM's.

  • @DVO Agreed. Some of the original backers did a great job building excitement for the those of us who ordered boards this year. I think most of us are grateful to be in on this at the beginning and are showing our loyalty. Many of us are still posting, cheering on this amazing (and still tiny) company, happily generating buzz on social media and answering questions for people who see us riding. Lately, however, I've seen a lot of complainers; people harshing on FM. My advice to them is don't order a board yet unless you're willing to be a part of the process. Don't b*tch about the glitches. Communicate politely with FM so they can make adjustments and improve future Onewheels. Show respect for the effort that goes into developing and producing this game-changing board sport. Surf the earth, mindfully.

  • Umm well in one hand, the argument of 10% makes 80% of arguments is valid and you might inclined to ignore such negativity, but, in other, we have to (both us the customers and FM) have to acknowlege the fact that the product is only in its infancy. The good community is built only by the participation of all sides (and yes with good will). I think that the attitude of suck it up its a start up product there will be glitches will only make the product stay in its star-up state. There are alot of zealous user of the product including myself, and such user pool is a great resource for product testing and new ideas. Welp is up to FM to decide but wont it be noce to have a even better onewheel?

  • @tomtnt You are on this forum only for a couple of days, and already highly demanding...
    Also you are asking a lot of questions that are answered here already, try to dig a little bit deeper in the topics to find a lot of answers...

    Also,,, What @DVO said!

  • @Polle where should I dig to find out why FM doesn't participate ?

  • Its not the same person posting on social media thats building the OneWheels..

  • @tomtnt, as a small business owner, my guess is they are not sitting around reading the forums but rather busy trying to meet the pressing needs already presented and long listed in their projects and goals list. I think it would be nice to have more interaction but it is what it is.

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