Week after receiving my OW

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    After a week or so with my OW I'm completely happy and have forgotten about the wait.. It took me some time to be confident about not falling but now I'm good. This thing is no joke.. I like how the foot sensor changes after you speed up.. You can almost take your foot off completely after you're moving.. I also played around with air pressure.. I feel like 14psi is a good all around pressure and I weigh 190 roughly. My first impression of the wheel after riding was not so easy but literally 10 minutes later I changed my mind lol after a day I was flying around town and now a week later I'm killing it! Lol.. Today it was wet out so I took it to the grass and went as fast as I could before busting my ass for the first time :) thank god it was grass.. It was good I fell because now I know it limits.. The charge time is incredibility fast which is a great feature..

  • @njcustom I was waiting to hear your review. :smiley: It's amazing how quickly we can get over the frustration of the wait once we have experienced how amazing the OW really is. I experienced the same feelings with mine. So glad you are having fun man!!! Time to make some vids now. :thumbsup:

  • @J-Glide yes it is amazing lol I can't live without it now.. To bad the winter is just beginning..

  • @njcustom It's as addictive as crack. HaHa..... You'll have to look for indoor places to ride. This is what I found near my house. https://youtu.be/YW4bm6hy_WQ

  • @J-Glide that's cool man! Now I have to convince my buddies to buy them too.. And look for an indoor place to ride..

  • just ride indoors:


  • My first impressions after a day (maybe 2 hours in total between parenting duties):

    1. The board feels heavy. It's not just the actual weight... i know what a 25lb weight feels like...it's how it feels with that handle position that makes it feel super heavy.

    2. But once you're on the board...it feels weirdly light...must be the gyro but the way the board moves the floaty feel surprised me

    3. First 10 mins was...woah this is harder than I thought... I've snowboarded on and off for 20 years and expected it to be pick up and go. Balancing...yes...but turning and carving needed some getting used to.

    4. After 10 mins though. ..it's just clicks... the most wonderful feeling of carving on the streets... my dream of year-long riding is fulfilled... now I'm looking for every opportunity to get an hour to head out and ride. ..

    Ironically the same week I got the OW all the slopes just opened.... the OW just became my urban trainer!

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