Mud Guard

  • @sidebox I forgot where, but someone said it was coming out on Friday.

  • @veryous Don't get me wrong, I'd love for it to come out sooner. I just literally changed my socks after going out right after a storm.

  • Now I can't recall where it was. I remember the September thing, but there was a post somewhere talking about Friday.

  • I was thinking about buying the onewheel, but I was wondering "man, I wish it had a splash/mud guard." It would certainly sway my desicion into purchasing one.

  • @drodify if that's what will sway you, man, you are missing the entire point! Get it now, buy the guard later when it comes out, if you're disappointed I'll buy it off of you.

  • There was an official message a week ago in News & Announcements saying that the fender would "drop tomorrow," which would have meant last Friday, August 14. Perhaps that phrase referred to some sort of internal milestone, but it's apparently not an accurate release/ship/availability date for the public.

    I placed my new OW order over last weekend and specified in the shopping cart notes that I wanted the new fender. I heard back from the company about my order note this past Monday, August 17:

    "We aren't planning to release the fender until early September and unfortunately have not started official production - we will let you know as soon as it is available for our current riders. Unfortunately the fender will not be included with orders (yet at least)."

    And subsequently, once I pointed out that my OW would not be shipping until after the projected fender availability date, they added:

    "Unfortunately the fender will have to sold and shipped seperatly from the board. The fender will be shipped directly from our factory while boards are shipped from our fulfillment center."

    So, don't hold your order or adjust your plans waiting for the fender. It will only be available separately from a new board purchase for the foreseeable future and only sometime in "early September," assuming things go according to schedule.

    Hope this info helps people.

  • @ThatGuy I was planning on saying exactly the same thing! I was hoping they would be able to ship it inside the box to avoid shipping two things to the UK :(

  • @ThatGuy I said it and I said it....

  • Just purchased the mud guard!! Let you know when I get it :)

  • They did promise discounts for the fender for kickstarter backers at one time.. They obviously forgot.

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