Professional mode

  • I would really like to see a professional mode in the next app update.. In which there would be NO pushback.. Anyone else? I like cruising at the speed the pushback kicks in.. It's annoying... Slower is to slow and faster is just hard to reach or maintain.. Please comment if you agree so maybe we can get this done..

  • @njcustom Well the old extreme-mode, referred to here as "extreme 1.0", was exactly that.
    I guess that why it's named extreme in the first place, and not "normal".
    extreme 2.0 was a VAST improvement over this mode however, and the soft push-back makes it easy to ride near the limit safely for long periods of time.
    I see people get hurt here as it is. Having no warning what so ever would be really dangerous, and the old 1.0 way of doing it wasn't great.

    Still... I DO would like more freedom in the digital shaping. Features like reverting to outdated shapes in case of problems with updates,
    sensor delay options, kickback and top-speed fine-tuning, preset saving and so on.

    I don't know if it's just hard to give people that, or if it's just unsafe, but it would be nice with more customization options.

  • I broke my arm on extreme mode 1.0. Running at top speed and pushing beyond the maximum speed the motor can turn, the board did a nose dive and I was thrown to the ground and snapped my arm in half! I am very thankful for the pushback in extreme mode now. I am always reminded when I am approaching maximum speed.

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