come on guys, you really need an european dealer/importer

  • i stumbled over the onewheel topic some time ago, and somehow i got hooked:yum:
    watched a couple of videos, read many of the posts in this forum…

    as some weeks passed by, i somehow convinced myself, that alltough 1500$ is a little bit extreme, it could still be worth the fun.
    that´s when i started to look for a european shop where i can spend my money at in a weak moment:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    you already know what i am aiming at: the only way ist to import from the US.
    well, the says
    1.499$ OW
    +300$ Shipping to Austria (wtf??)

    • Duty
    • VAT
      = 2.065€ = 2.223$ (!!)

    come on guys, that´s really crazy for a 20 minutes lasting fun-toy, don´t you think so? :open_mouth:
    i mean, alltough i am a passionated kiteboarder and therefore used to spend crazy ammount of money for toys, this is just too heavy, considering that originally it would cost 1.499$ which is 1.392€
    considering that you would have to add even more for a supercharger and stuff.

    not to talk about what happens if i somehow encounter any troubles which requires a repair or only a new tire…

    that said: i still want one, and i really think this a great thing to have, but one has to stay somehow realistic...:disappointed:

  • I wholeheartedly agree with a European dealer.
    I got mine in the first batch, and I just hope they will sort that out before any repairs are needed.
    So far I'm justifying the cost by not using my car anymore. So it's a fun investment ;)

  • European dealer/service centre could not come soon enough! Would be such a peace of mind, especially knowing that the OW will inevitably have to go in for service at some point.

  • I agree..

    U.K. Postage and import tax is £500.. That's close to the price of another onewheel.. If I didn't have to pay that I would buy 2!

  • Shipping & import fees are a killer, but it may be possible to work around them. I just picked mine up in the US & flew it home to Japan with me, which is a good option if you travel to and from the US. When I needed a warranty repair, FutureMotion covered the shipping costs, and the import fee was waived since it was a repair order.

    btw - It takes 20 minutes to charge, but I typically get 45-60min ride from one charge. Then I plug in at Starbucks, take a 20 minute break, and hit the road again :-) Honestly, after riding for 45 minutes, I want a break anyway. If I'm just goofing off with friends in the park, the battery lasts longer because there are natural short breaks all the time.

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