The lack of communication is worrying.

  • When I ordered mine (early October) the website said 4-6 weeks for delivery. After paying I emailed to confirm my order and to get a realistic eta on shipping. They told me first week of November.

    I then emailed them this week to ask for an update, and they are now saying sometime in December.

    I wouldn't be so bothered if I did not have to pre pay the order, but buying up front and complete lack of communication is not a way to run a business.

    And before the fan boys jump in, yes I know it's awesome, I bought one. I know it's a startup up, that is no excuse, if anything it should be easier to communicate. I have personally founded many start-ups, and communication with our customers has always been a priority. If you check the homepage it still says 4-6 weeks delivery time. How can you justify that?

  • You won't see it for atleast 12+ weeks.. That's how long I waited.. Ordered Aug 6th.. Waited almost 12 weeks.. Someone else just posted yesterday claiming 15+ weeks.. Hang in there bud, you will forget all about the wait when it comes..

  • Yes, not sure why they don't bother updating the order page

    They must be working really hard on v2 since they are also not updating the app or releasing an android version or posting on the forums.

    At least the board works great

  • V2 is not happening at this point. It will be a few years minimum. I know this to be true as I heard from someone involved closely with the company. @nacus

  • @MichaelW that's good to hear... can you ask your source if they still on planning on releasing an android app? or updating the ios apps to add some much needed features?

  • The order page has stated 6-8 weeks for quite a while now.

  • I ordered on September 30 and it already said 6-8 weeks the day I ordered. I think it switched a few days before I committed to buying.

    Though I do agree that communication could be better.

    I wish Future Motion had a similar status page as the one below.
    This screen made the wait for my car a little more bearable.


  • Thats awesome @dino wish Tesla had something like this! They have had my deposit for my Model x SUV for 3 years now! I just have to decide when I get a chance to finally drive the thing if I even want it after all this time... lol... Love the BMW i3 looks really fun! My Solar runs my OneWheel, my car and my house. Good times! Say no to gas!

  • I feel the wait would be more more bearable if they only took a deposit instead of the full amount. My original corespondents said Mid November, after I checked in, the now said December. I spoke with them yesterday and they said it should be ready in December, but then it needs to go to a fulfillment warehouse which could then take a few more weeks. No clue why they can not just ship on there own.

  • @nacus you have obviously been reading the forums which means you know exactly what your in for. That's not a defense of the lack of transparency but at least a silver lining walking into this with eyes open. Nobody is going to disagree that the advertised eta shouldn't still be much longer. I'd say 12 weeks based on the fact that current tracking is being sent around that time frame. If I were still waiting for tracking I'd realistically be counting 12 weeks out. On a brighter note, it's well worth the wait X3. Just wish fm would realize they are not helping themselves by not being realistic about the timeframe...

  • I ordered mine on August 24, 4-6 weeks was estimated then was 8, now they are 12 weeks (and I don't have any update). I'm thinking very seriously about canceling my order

  • @Dariusz DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT CANCEL!! you will be kicking yourself in the ass especially after waiting this long.. Give them an email..

  • @Dariusz I agree with @njcustom ... unless you've found another place to purchase one, all you'll be doing is pushing your delivery time back even further once you realize you've made a mistake and have to order again.

  • @nacus Be patient bro. Trust me whenever you get it you will totally forget about how long it took to get it. I waited 363 days till I got mine. I was also one of the first 700 to get Onewheel. So there, literally almost 1 year till I got mine. They WILL ship it to you and you WILL get it. Just from 3-4 months ago they shot off big time with orders and production so you have to understand this is not a mass produced board, they only can ship out so many.

  • I emailed them this morning and got a response from Carly this afternoon. They might not be proactively communicating, but they do respond. I ordered on Sept 26 and they say it will be complete this week. That's "only" 10 weeks - then they still have to ship it.

  • Just wanted to give an update, my board came yesterday! Super stoke so fun. 4 weeks after the first delivery date, but it did show up!

  • The only complaint I have is no Andorid app, I wish I would have come to the forums before buying, but I did not. I am not sure why it says Android app on the order page.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @cooper Be careful with all these posts. You may regret it when they go out of their way to make things right.

  • Yeah, really. I'm sorry you're having an uncommonly bad experience, but half of my new post notifications are you reposting the same complaint. And you're complaining in threads where most of the people reading them have had great experiences and are really loving their OneWheels.

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