The lack of communication is worrying.

  • I ordered mine on August 24, 4-6 weeks was estimated then was 8, now they are 12 weeks (and I don't have any update). I'm thinking very seriously about canceling my order

  • @Dariusz DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT CANCEL!! you will be kicking yourself in the ass especially after waiting this long.. Give them an email..

  • @Dariusz I agree with @njcustom ... unless you've found another place to purchase one, all you'll be doing is pushing your delivery time back even further once you realize you've made a mistake and have to order again.

  • @nacus Be patient bro. Trust me whenever you get it you will totally forget about how long it took to get it. I waited 363 days till I got mine. I was also one of the first 700 to get Onewheel. So there, literally almost 1 year till I got mine. They WILL ship it to you and you WILL get it. Just from 3-4 months ago they shot off big time with orders and production so you have to understand this is not a mass produced board, they only can ship out so many.

  • I emailed them this morning and got a response from Carly this afternoon. They might not be proactively communicating, but they do respond. I ordered on Sept 26 and they say it will be complete this week. That's "only" 10 weeks - then they still have to ship it.

  • Just wanted to give an update, my board came yesterday! Super stoke so fun. 4 weeks after the first delivery date, but it did show up!

  • The only complaint I have is no Andorid app, I wish I would have come to the forums before buying, but I did not. I am not sure why it says Android app on the order page.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @cooper Be careful with all these posts. You may regret it when they go out of their way to make things right.

  • Yeah, really. I'm sorry you're having an uncommonly bad experience, but half of my new post notifications are you reposting the same complaint. And you're complaining in threads where most of the people reading them have had great experiences and are really loving their OneWheels.

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