So, just was informed that my 2nd gen Boosted board is ready to ship....

  • this morning, via email. I was on pre-order.

    Now I'm wondering if I really want it. Lol. I don't have to purchase it and they'll refund my deposit, no issue. Just dunno.

    Decisions, decisions...

  • @Wrex I'd say cancel the preorder and wait till next season. You can always buy a V2 for the same price then (or maybe used for cheaper). Also, maybe you've been eyeing the Evolve Carbon or bamboo GT (admit it, were all eyeing that badboy) and by next season I'm sure there will be tons more user reviews and US customer support experiences to read online.

    It's up to you, but I canceled my preorder 3 months ago and I don't regret it for a second.

  • @slydogstroh

    True. All true.

    Though, I live in Phoenix, Arizona. There is really no "next season" as it's a year-long season, here. Lol.

    I'm leaning towards "not". I have looked at the Evolve boards. They're nice, but a little pricier (if that's a word). I'd be getting the Bamboo, if so. Not sure I want to go that deep into it, with one and if memory serves, they're not as friendly with water, which the Boosted supposedly has addressed with the V2's.

    I dunno. I'm a little conflicted. I should just not. I'm pretty darn happy with the OW. Not sure how much use I'd get out of another board.

  • It's great having an e. board along with OW.
    But I'd opt for something with longer range.

  • @sonny123 said in So, just was informed that my 2nd gen Boosted board is ready to ship....:

    It's great having an e. board along with OW.
    But I'd opt for something with longer range.

    Extended range battery (Not out until early next year) will get you up to 14 miles (the say), which I did order with it. Still a lot of the Evolve models get a lot more than that (some almost twice as much).

    Heck though, my OW only gets 7 and I've yet to really kill it, tbh. Lol. I guess I should take that into consideration.

    I may wait, still. I just might get an Evolve or I may just stick with the boosted. Still chewing on it. First world problems, I suppose. heh.

  • @Wrex Same boat. I can wait, because the OW handles it all! I've commuted in the pouring rain and the thing holds up. The quality engineering of the board still blows my mind a year later. And the 5-7 mile range is enough for what I use it for.. Swappable batteries, a motor upgrade and a refined sensor/footpad setup would be the only change I'd make to the OW in a future revision.
    As for a powered skateboard, I'm pretty torn between two options:
    1) Getting a used V1 boosted and modifying it with extra battery packs for ~18mi range

    • Flexy loaded deck is a blast - great for dancing, which i'v always enjoyed in longboarding
    • The flex dampens bumps in the road
    • It's easy to ride - I can share the experience with more people
    • Can take on an airplane by separating the added battery packs into seperate luggange and labeling "camera battery"
    • Lightweight


    • no boosted support - they won't service a modified board
    • can't really go offroad
    • can't cross bridges or ride down Michigan Ave here in Chicago haha

    2) The Carbon GT (AT tires are the way to go IMO).

    • Offroad capabilities - a good match with OW
    • Great range (I think the offroad real world testing results are around 10mi for the bamboo and 16mi for the carbon)


    • The remote is less intuitive - which would make it harder for a new rider to use
    • Can't take on an airplane
    • Takes up a lot of space
    • Not AMERICAN made lol (Aussies are pretty cool tho haha)


    Honestly, I thought writing this was gonna help me work out the better option, but i'm still pretty torn haha. Surfing the golf corse at night is a favorite ride of mine... Time to go ride my OW.

  • I have a carbon GT in addition to the OW, definiitely it's a good complement. Carving on the GT with 97mm wheels is a blast! and the range is just insane, last week I rided 26km and there was still 35% battery left. basically I use the OW for daily life and some fun around. If I want to go faster or on longer trip, I take the carbon GT.
    By the way, the AT wheels are great, you can go almost on the same place you take the OW, but the Carbong GT is not as sturdy as the OW, so be careful of that.
    Note also that the GT is not built anymore in Aussi but in China. Quality is OK, for components until now, I just had trouble with the clear coat of the deck which remain clued on the grip when I changed clear coat quickly applied.

  • Well. That is that, then.

    "*Boosted Boards
    1 hr ·
    Hi FB community,
    On two separate occasions, a lithium battery cell has vented inside the battery pack of the 2nd generation Boosted board. The battery enclosure is a fire-retardant composite and worked as designed to contain the cell failure. Fortunately, no one was injured and no property was damaged. Our engineering team is conducting a thorough investigation and we will update everyone with the results.

    • Boosted Team*"

    They made the decision, for me.

    That's fine. I was on the fence, anyway. Having the OW since I pre-ordered, I really don't feel the need for another board for myself, anyway.

  • FYI: I cancelled my order and was refunded 100% It wasn't shipped, so thanks for the offers to buy it, but I don't have it. Lol.

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