Found out while riding I was in Classic mode instead of Elevated

  • I had some pushback at a lower speed than I was expecting, and it was persistent. Since I didn't understand what was happening, it felt like the board was out of control. I found riding mode had changed from Elevated to Classic seemingly on its own. Could this switching to Classic be the result of an update?

    I guess I could have done this by mistake in oWheelBuddy. Seems those options should not be changeable by a random touch in the main screen, there's no need to change them frequently.

  • @dalisdair Bro always check when you boot up your app that you're in extreme mode, just to be sure.

  • @dalisdair That's pretty scary! I don't know if you use the OWheelBuddy app, but it makes it very easy to change modes compared to the official app. It's possible you could've inadvertently tapped Classic when trying to change the LED mode.

  • @groovyruvy

    Great advice! I'll need to find some discipline to remember to check. There's probably other good safety checks I don't do.

  • @thegreck

    I agree, I think the mode controls should be another level down, and not so easily selected. It would also be great to have a setting in oWheelbuddy to warn you when you are not in your preferred mode. Something like: Send me an alert when I'm not in (elevated).

  • @dalisdair That's an excellent suggestion!

    What do you think, @SeeTheInvisible? Give us the option for a preferred riding mode, and when it's not in that mode, we get an alert warning us about it.

  • I'm still not convinced that an update didn't do it. The same day I had two alerts, one saying "Only one sensor was detected for over 5 seconds at 7 mph, you are doing acrobatics or may have a bad sensor." and the other one "No rider detected at 5 mph, you crashed or (something else, I don't remember)"

    I'm hoping that the first one is explained by doing tight circles around and around at a light until it changed, and the second one by getting tossed by too steep of a curb ramp with a bump at the bottom at too slow a speed. I sure hope I don't have any sensor problems at this point, I've only got 250 miles on the board.

    Anyway those are new, and I think the result of an update.

    I thought I read someone say the oWheelbuddy has a feature for extra bright lights now, but I couldn't find it. The light control is right next to the control to change to Classic.

  • @thegreck Preferred mode -> good suggestion -> taken into my backlog ;)

    @dalisdair don't worry about your sensor, multiple tight circles may easily trigger a warning. It's the same when going down curbs, then the "both foopad sensor" warning might get triggered. It's not an extra bright light, it's just the permanent activation of the front and the rear light (Long tap on the "light" icon).

    Regarding the riding mode controls: hmm, I don't agree completely that those controls are not needed very often - e. g. I use them on every ride -> when riding on flat ground I'm on "extreme", when going uphill I switch to "elevated", otherwise I wouldn't be able to take steep ramps ...

    Maybe I just should remove "Classic" mode , because it's almost useless, lol ...

  • Removing Classic as an option is a great idea!! It could be a toggle in settings, just in case someone still needs it (because they've lost the will to live).

  • @SeeTheInvisible
    Totally agree on removing classic mode as an option in the app

  • @SeeTheInvisible

    I went to Elevated right away when learning and have kept it there at all times, it seems to work fine for me on flat areas. I could try Extreme, but unless there is a really big advantage to Extreme on flat areas, it wouldn't be worth it to me to fuss around with the app switching modes. As far as I can tell, the handling is the same in Extreme and Elevated, but the nose is higher in Elevated. (Riding modes - another thing that's not even mentioned in the manual, at least the one on the website.) What advantage do you get going back to Extreme on flat areas? Maybe pushback would be easier to handle on flat areas, when it's not in Elevated?

    I got another no rider detected at 5.3 mph message just now with my dismount since I still don't put the back end down, I hop off with my feet on either side, but I had come to a complete stop. (or near to it) It's a relief that I probably don't have any sensor issues.

    As far as the mode controls, perhaps then a "lock" feature for those who don't use them. Although the alert when not in _______ mode feature would cover it well enough.

    I really appreciate that I will now know if a sensor has died, this was one of my concerns and you have probably saved a lot of people from serious injury at some point in the future. Why the FM app doesn't do things like this is beyond me. The data exists, use it.

  • @dalisdair The biggest advantage of Extreme is that you can go much faster than with Elevated, also pushback doesn't kick in that agressive - so Extreme feels much more intuitive to me ...

  • @SeeTheInvisible Are you sure you're not thinking of Classic? I don't think the speed is different between Extreme and Elevated, the only difference between Elevated and Extreme is the nose is raised in Elevated, as @dalisdair said.

  • The OW webpage says there is no pushback in Extreme and you can go as fast as you want until the motor starts vibrating, which I figured was wrong or out of date. I've heard different figures on when pushback occurs. The only real info I've found from FM are the super simple bar graphs in the app. It would be nice if FM were to offer some accurate and recent info on these parameters. Since FM doesn't get too specific about this stuff we are left to our subjective perceptions and testing. It wouldn't surprise me if the pushback were less forceful in Extreme, since they don't really say, but it also wouldn't surprise me if it just felt that way. I sometimes have an issue handling pushback in Elevated where I feel I'm losing control because it's forced the nose high, but I don't seem to be slowing down quick enough, or even seem to still be accelerating. Switching to Extreme might help, although this happens more rarely on flat ground. For me, I want high speed pushback, and I wouldn't push through it deliberately.

  • @dalisdair I just did a testing ride: the pushback seems to occur at the same speed for Extreme and Elevated, but as you already mentioned, it feels much more forceful in Elevted (maybe it just feels more forceful because of the already elevated nose ...). So if you want to go as fast with Elevated as with Extreme, you have to be a bit bad ass.

  • @SeeTheInvisible

    I'm certainly not a bad ass. In fact, I'm looking at a full face helmet.

    I'll have to try Extreme.

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