Failsafe dismounting option

  • Recently, I've had a couple less than optimal dismounts. Mainly when I take my front foot off and the board rears back. Side note: having a fender for this alone has preserved my inside ankle.

    I've read the dismounting posts and finally learned how to roll the toe off and that is my go to now so no more problems. But, for anyone that doesn't have it down yet, there is another option.

    Come to your stopping point and speed, squat down a bit and hit the power button. The board will likely tilt frontside and dismount. Super easy and a nice engagment of the quads.

  • @MLV I agree with your method of dismount, it is the only way I have dismounted from day one. I do however not agree with your recommendation of squatting down and pushing a power button.

  • I think you need to insert an extra step, just before the squat down part - jump off with one foot on either side.

    Your method sounds like you would need to follow it with a somersault and then leap to your feet, throw your arms out and yell "I meant to do that!"

    I'm going give some opposing advice: Never turn off your oneWheel when you are still on it.

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