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  • Ok, so I've gone down a couple times now because the board shuts off on me, once because my homemade bucket fender might have lodged something between it and the wheel, now fixed and twice in the backside turn. I ride regular foot with a slightly angled front foot so i think this is the issue.

    I had hoped of taking off the grip tape and angling the sensor to my foot placement but if you have taken your tape off, you know that this could compromise the ribbon strip attached to it.

    Here is an important thing regarding those of you who have had the board do what mine does probably because of your foot placement. The sensor sits lower under the grip tape because on either side of it, there are two pieces of clear tacky plastic attached to the grip tape, keeping the sensor from moving around too much.

    My solution: I took the sensor up and put down Gorilla tape on the deck for the sensor to attach to which allows it to sit a little higher under the grip tape. If this doesn't fix my issue, I'm going to put it back to the way it was and ride it with my back foot on the sensor. I think this will do the trick though or I'll switch out the grip tape so the sensor sits flush with the tape.

    Final note: When I fell today, I was on the sidewalk. I ripped off my existing knee scab and found myself getting up off my back halfway in the road with a car stopped about a car length from me. I walked back to my board with the "not impressed" look on my face as I addressed all my other new bloody medallions on my arms and legs. Brushed off the rocks and dirt and kept riding.

  • I really want to try and attach a second sensor on the back plate..

  • I'd consider doing that if it works, I just rode down to ABC liquor without any crazy carving or anything and my mod seemed to work. I also changed out my shoes to Walmart Airwalks instead of my Vibrams that got some crash holes a little earlier today, grrr. I'm going to take it further by changing out the grip tape too I think.

    Once I get this problem fixed...

    I have an idea that involves 2 inch velcro straps that could be attached under the deck plates and could be a quick on/off type thing for hopping up onto curbs and other crazy things. I really shouldn't be thinking like that, I'm 45 and well a little nuts... I think curb hops or anything like that would be best tried first in the grass.

    This board, oh this board is my curse...

  • @Earthpilot

    I had a fall which I'm trying to figure out, it involved two quick 90 degree turns right after coming up a sidewalk ramp that was too steep. I did a mild face plant in the second 90 degree twist. I suspect the motor stopped but I'm not sure.

    You comments about foot placement may offer clues. I ride with my foot angled at bit and slightly forward and have wondered if it makes things less safe.

    I've gotten comfortable and have been doing sharp quick turns lately at slow speed involving pushing the nose down and at an angle that seems too sharp but had been working well until the fall.

    Perhaps the quick sequence of climbing the steep sidewalk ramp and stressing the motor, then immediately turning 90 degrees on the sidewalk, and then instantly having to turn again 90 degrees due to an obstacle was just too much to ask of the motor.

    I'll have to research what a backside turn is and take a closer look at how the sensors work on the OW.

    I figure I need to dial back everything a bit to be safe:

    I'll try to not tackle steep curbs ramps, and just pick up the board, and not turn as sharply and quickly on slow speed turns, and avoid pushing the nose down hard in the sharp turns.

    I'll also ponder what you've said here.

    It was the first fall that I've regretted, I'm at about 250 miles on the odometer.

  • A backside turn is where you are turning in the direction with your heels leading into the turn, you could call it a heelside turn as well. My sensor mod seems to have created a more sensitive touch to the sensor where when I come to a stop now, I roll my foot towards the front of the board and the sensor deactivates the motor quicker which I like at stops. As far as how it will react with carving, I'm not sure yet but you can actually see the sensor area is rounded and raised slightly under the grip tape now. It gives me some confidence that with my foot placement, I am making better contact now. All my falls have been backside turns. I think we may be throwing off the gyros by turning so abruptly.

    Today is day 38 with the board, 376 miles and my OWbuddy app logged me at 17.4 mph max speed on my way to the gym today.

  • Three things have helped me maintain better contact with the boards sensors.

    1.) I keep my weight equally distributed between the front and back foot platforms to ensure I don't relieve pressure off the front sensors.

    2.) I turn the board using mainly my back foot, not my front. The front foot is used more as an assistor, whereas the back foot is the one going heel-to-toe/toe-to-heel pressure. This allow my front foot to stay in contact with the pressure sensors much better. This isn't much of an issue during higher speeds since only one sensor needs to be activate above a specific speed. However, it makes a much larger difference when going slowly such as at stop lights and crossing streets, etc. because that's where both sensors usually need to be active since it slow speed.

    3.) The position of my front foot on the sensor pad. I have seen some people ride it with either too much of the heel off the board or too much of the ball of the foot off the board (I've seen too much focus on the toes and not the ball of the foot where more of the weight is). I try to adjust my foot to ensure that my heel and the ball of my foot are both in contact with their respective sensor.

  • I agree with you 100% T-CAT. I tend to get too excited when i carve at slower speeds thinking I can work it like a skate or surfboard. Sometimes pop drop and lock it isn't the answer, lol

  • LOL, that's true.

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