Advice buying powered board please

  • Dear all, I'm considering a onewheel for my 15 yr old son as an xmas gift. We live overseas in a challenging country...sometimes not a lot to do, and this would be for fun...paved roads but with speed bumps and some dirt track. Current is 220v.

    Any advice in which board to buy? I've noticed some board companies have delivery issues....anyone order a OW lately and if so what was the delivery time? Any other boards people recommend over OW? What other protective equipment does one need, besides a helmet? Thanks

  • I'm not sure about the electrical end of it but I think everyone here will tell you to get a Onewheel for him. Follow the directions in the manual as far as learning the board. It can be as safe or as dangerous as you make it. Slow gradual progression for him is key. If he has any other boarding experience like skate, surf or snowboarding, this will speed up his progression on the board. It truly is a one of a kind experience unlike anything else I've ever ridden and i have skate, surf and snowboard experience.

    Important: Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards

    Get good pads that will last, I used my wrist guards today as a matter of fact, wish I was wearing my elbow pads...
    Triple 8 Helmet on Amazon
    187 brand pads on Amazon

    Also important with an asterisk*

    SLOW GRADUAL PROGRESSION, I have pushed this board unknowingly at times and it has pushed me back. I have owned it for a little over a month and i have elbow, knee, forearm and ankle bites to prove it. I ride about 10 miles a day, street and sidewalk.

  • Im a 15 year old and i got a onewheel for my 15th birthday and i have had it for 11 months and i seriously use it as much today as i did the first day i had it. I highly recommend it.

  • Thanks. I called around and was able to speak with someone at OneWheel...good guy who patiently explained what made their boards high quality. Other companies, could not speak with anyone and no real surety on delivery date...something that isn't acceptable with holidays drawing near.

    So, order placed, just now, done. Thank you all for the advice.

  • Well done mr. big, he will love it.

  • Best gift ever! Lol

  • I have a 12 year old neighbor who got a onewheel after seeing me cruise around on it. Saved his money from summer jobs and bought it himself outright. I take the kid cruising around the hood all the time where his parents and I make him wear a helmet. He may be the coolest kid around cuz everyone wants to try his onewheel. He always texts me and is like "can you go shredding tonight". haha...Love it!

  • @atl1wheelin
    Very cool. Fun to have another OW'r to roll with. Way to spread the OW love.

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