Back on the almighty after 3 weeks of service..

  • Wow! You don't know what you have until you miss it.
    I had sent my OW for service and got it back today.
    For the most part I could maintain my OW myself,
    but for fine tuning, better let the experts do their thing.

    First thing I noticed, BT connection was instant compared to having to keep trying.
    Updated to FV 3056.

    Reason for having sent it was when I bench tested it,
    It would spin fully with occasional cut off to slower speed.
    That's only going forward. Didn't do in reverse.
    (bench test now is as normal as it gets)

    Sent them a video and was told I could benefit from Firmware update.
    Off it went.
    1 week shipping, few days service and 1 week return.
    All in all, 3 weeks on my e. skateboard with plenty of denture rattling.
    Now I'm back on the smoothest ride on planet earth.

    Hats off to Carly, Gabrielle and the great team of FM.

  • @sonny123 Great to hear you're back in business! I can't wait to get back on mine, hopefully tomorrow or the day after. Have been out for close to 4 weeks now. Feels like an eternity. Might come with a perk along the lines of a flying Aladdin carpet--but different spin. If that turns out well, you'll read about it :)

  • the 3056 FW is really smooth :) but lack top speed...

  • @Tartopom Smooth it is.

    Sure was chilly this morning.
    Time for some XL gloves that go over wrist guards.


  • AAA sticker...nice

  • @Roy just in case it breaks down and needs a tow. . . . .

  • @Roy

    Sooner or later you'll break down and call AAA...

  • @sonny123 Alright. After 4+ weeks, I'm finally back on mine too. Tire was absolutely death. Slime did not help, even though that is what FM suggested me to use.

    But here's the point. From now it will be considered a crime if the producer/seller of devices like the OW does not provide repair materials, such as new tires, within a reasonable geographical distance (or for a reasonable price)--there's no repair center, yet, in Europe.

    You can not make your consumers miss their darling for such a long time.

    I knew I'd miss it but I only realised how much after I got a full session on the new tire.
    In the end I was glad those Finnish folks started distributing tires (and fenders), because just finding the tire was tough enough (here in Belgium..).

  • @SaturnOne Did you send it to Finland?

  • @Polle I asked them to send me a tire, yes. Added a fender along the way. A friend of mine ended up taking off the old tire and putting on the new one. Can't believe I'm back in business now. Missed it so much!!

  • I think getting an extra tire with purchase is a great idea.
    Changing the tire is an easy process.
    It's also good to know how solid OW is built and how to maintain it.

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