Firmware rollback?

  • Does anyone know of a way to rollback the firmware? In the past my onewheel would really get moving. I've seen it as fast as 23 miles per hour. Recently, I'm assuming that there was a firmware update because as soon as my onewheel hits 12 miles per hour it gives me push back. It's really taken some of the fun out of riding it for me. Does anyone know of a way to rollback the firmware? Or is there a way to install different firmware that would allow you to go faster?

  • @Skarce none of the above, unfortunately.
    Are you sure you are in extreme mode?

  • Sounds like classic to me

  • I'll share my experience with my board in regards to push-back. Since I've had my OneWheel (maybe a year or so), on Extreme shaping mode, pushback begins for me at about 13.5mph. I can replicate it relatively consistently using my Apple Watch with the App active while riding. Some people have different results though, but it could be a variety of factors.

  • For me too the puschback start to occurs starting around 12-13mph, it seems to be normal with the firmware 3056

  • For me pushback is 12.5mph every time. When I don't push through it OWheelBuddy always shows 12.5 mph as my top speed for the session.
    After traveling from Ireland to LA to ride with the more experienced riders, I repeatedly witnessed most of them riding above 20mph for long periods. When I was getting pushback they just blasted past me as if I was standing still.

  • @thehoff maybe they had older firmware? could you ask them?

  • I did at the time. One guy jumped on everyone's board and banged out 23mph on them. They told me that it took a long time to push through pushback and get comfortable. Now they don't even feel pushback!

  • @thehoff good to know that it's still possible to pass the pushback and to reach higher speed with the 3056 firmware. on my side I topped 21mph one time, but it was slight downhill and I don't remember how I did that lol

  • Is it pushback when the OW tips itself back?
    Although your leaning forward to go, the OW ends up leaning the other way, so your front foot is higher than the back foot.
    At that point, I generally get scared (after reading all the stories of peoples wheel locking), and slow down again!

  • @p3eps yes that's pushback- when the nose rises up and the board angles back. Backing off gets rid of it, whereas leaning / pressing forward either keeps you riding on the edge of pushback; or if you're more aggressive, you can push through it.

  • @p3eps said in Firmware rollback?:

    At that point, I generally get scared (after reading all the stories of peoples wheel locking), and slow down again!

    That's what it's telling you to do!

  • Thanks - I thought that was the case. I'm not brave enough to push past it!

  • @p3eps That decision could keep you out of intensive care.

  • @thegreck I started snowboarding properly at the age of 30, and as a result still have fear. When I get up to 40-50mph I start thinking "what if I fall"... and slow down.
    I've been on BMX's since I was about 5 years old, and still do downhill mountain biking. With that I have no fear since I've been doing it since such a young age.

    Unfortunately the OW falls into the same category as snowboarding. I have fear!

  • A little fear or apprehensiveness keeps you safe in my opinion. It's all good.

  • @Skarce

    you are right about your earlier board being better.

    i'd want to rollback too.

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